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  • Hey I am the guy who bought the HDD 1TB from ya. I got it really fast i wanted to say thanks. but it seems like my computer will not recognize it when i am installing a fresh copy of windows 7...when the computer asks me to chose a mass storage drive to install....it's won't show up llol but it shows up in BIOS....so I am really confused on what's wrong with the HDD or what I am doing. I went to Best Buy and got another Seagate 1TB installed on my comp...the computer recognized and eabled both HDD in BIOS but only the new one from best buy is detected during windows 7 set up...i am really confused can you please help me? what setting did you run on with the HDD? thanks!
    I have a Jtag Falcon(HDMI) that i am finishing as i speak, it has the AUD_Clamp wiring.
    has component cables, power supply, and 20G Hdd.
    was gonna post it for $180 shipped.
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