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    Why I hate Sony....

    lol. if only it were that easy:D
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    Why I hate Sony....

    sony sucks and here is why... i finally broke down in june and made the switch from pc gaming to a console. fast forward three months later to when the video card in my ps3 died- artifacts all over the screen as soon as you turned it on. anywho i went through the online process to get a...
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    ps3 issues

    that was my first guess too. but my ps3 is in a well ventillated area, im a neat freak so i dont have alot of dust lying around and it happens as soon as i turn on my ps3....
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    ps3 issues

    so anywho... i have a ps3. i really only play madden and battlefield bad company. yesterday i started playing bad company and it had all sorts of artifacts all over the screen. i tried again today and same thing. any ideas?
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    Playstation 3 and TH-46PZ85E Plasma HDMI issue...

    i dont know who your cable proivider is but if its comcast you can go to your local comcast office and they will supply you with free hdmi cables. i just told them they didnt give them to me when i got my cable box and they gave them to me no questions asked.
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    PS3 Price i remember one model being 299.99? Or is it just me?

    you can also sign up for the sony chase credit card which gives you $100 off your first purchase of $300 or more. i combined the walmart deal and the sony deal when i bought mine last month:D
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    Best deal on PS3?

    ^^^^^ yeah what he said. i just bought one two weeks ago. I signed up for the sony card here: and then i bought a 40gb at walmart which gave me a...
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    Got a great deal on a PS3

    yup. there are two different offers. the first one that u mentioned gives u instant access to the card BUT your discount is only good at the sony store. the better offer...
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    Got a great deal on a PS3

    so i after thinking long and hard about it i have decided to abandon pc gaming. i know i know. im a horrible person. its just that i can no longer justify the expense of continually upgrading my rig so i can play the latest games. So...i love a good deal and i thought id brag a little. i...
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    Gaming Laptops?

    i have an xps m1210. while i wouldnt really call it a gaming laptop, i am able to play games like bf2 w/o any issues. oh yeah and i love my lappy:D
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    New QuakeWar piccies

    agreed. ET was a great game and i cant wait to give ETQW a try:D i havent found a fun fps since BF2, which i am totally bored with at this point. i just looked at the screenies and i have to agree that they are some BORING screenies. dont waste ur time.
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    Did I miss something? EA owns Valve?

    your right :eek: i never noticed that before.... please hold me i'm scared now.
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    Dell LOL

    the xps does not come with a restore partition. oh and unless dell has changed things in the past few months since i purchased my m1210, good luck getting the media direct feature to work properly after you do your reinstall. mine still doesn't work. fortunately i don't really care...
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    m1210 1GB -> 2GB memory upgrade

    the instructions are in the manual and it is pretty easy to do ( i did the same upgrade to my m1210 :D ). i would just recommend you take your time doing it as the plate above the keyboard seemed a little flimsy to me.
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    Just set up the new build with MSFT FSX, and what kind of performance is normal!?

    My understanding is that it is a major system hog.