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    Ryzen 5 3500u vs. Intel i3-1005G1

    Looking for a $400 to $450 laptop for my 5 year old daughter to learn how to use a computer. It will also be for my wife to use around the house. It appears the 2 processors above fit the price range. They are both 15w processors, but it seems to me the Intel is rated for longer battery life...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 4950X "Vermeer" Tested, the Sample Boosts to 4.8 GHz

    All purse-swinging aside, I think AMD could eat Intel's lunch with this if the hits keep on coming the next couple of years and AMD can somehow expand capacity. Intel is floundering.
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    AIO liquid cooling is coming to video cards. Finally a use for that second pcie slot?

    Salazar Studio reviewed one of the Alienware cards. TLDW version - same performance as air cooled, a little louder, good for very small form factor cases to exhaust heat out. Not worth it for a decent sized case.
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    Note twenty and note twenty ultra pre orders with at&t

    I think I'm going with a renewed Galaxy Note 9 for under $400. Headphone jack, SD card, by no user replaceable battery. I would get a Note 10 lite, but it appears to be a no go on Verizon unless you can get GSM only service.
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    Rant about lack of hard disk progress

    Right when the flood hit, I bought several 1TB drives before the prices shot up to have just in case while waiting for the fallout. I ended up selling a couple for cost within the year as they were just sitting and availability came back faster than I anticipated. In my opinion, the bark was...
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    Note twenty and note twenty ultra pre orders with at&t

    I'm right with you. Just upgraded my wife from an iphone 6 to the new iphone SE. I'm on the Note 4 and I'm looking at a renewed Note 9 right now. My phone is getting quite laggy and the battery life sucks. I've been through 3 or 4 batteries I think and the last one was awful out of the box...
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    3900XT high idle temperatures

    I actually returned it to amazon. To me, it was defective. It would thermal shutdown the system under heavy loads. I don't think you're at that level are you? Have you messed with power plans at all? You may want to check out this one. 1usmus Ryzen 3000 power plan
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    3900XT high idle temperatures

    Not that I'm suggesting this happened to you, but I got a 3900x that ran at temps almost 10 degrees celcius higher than another 3900x I was binning in CB20. I remounted that thing many times. I even tested a carbon pad to take bad TIM application out of the equation. Hot 3900x
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update (8/12/20)

    You're lucky, my high end B-Dies take 1.4v to run 3600 speeds with 16-16-16-36 timings (it's rated as 4000 with 19-19-19-39 timings) along with a little boost to SOC. I can't run DRAM calculator speeds at all. I had to go with random timings someone posted here that seem to work.
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    Lian Li 011 Dynamic Razer Edition case fan attachment

    When I bought mine, the Razer was on sale for I think only $10 more, but I had my heart set on the white case. If they had made a White Razer version, I would have sprung for that.
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    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro AGP Graphics Card Complete New In Box Factory Sealed Rare

    I had a 9600XT built by ATi. I wasn't a huge gamer and I remember getting the download code for Half-Life 2. I created a Steam account and really didn't play it that much. Years later, I forgot all about that steam account and made a new one. So, I have an orphan steam account with nothing...
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    best thermal paste for ryzen 5 3600 with stock cooler?

    Remove the stock thermal stuff and use kryonaut if you have to buy something. Otherwise, use whatever you have on hand. I recommend getting rid of the stock stuff as I hear it's not easy to get off once you mount it. So, if you ever plan on changing it in the future, you'll be better off with...
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    From Intel Earnings: Intel says accelerating 10nm product transition, 7nm product transition delayed

    Isn't Jim Keller the mastermind behind Ryzen? Isn't he at Intel right now? I know he doesn't design the chips himself, but isn't he the project manager that makes it happen? Where is he in this mix?
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    Ryzen 3900x fails prime 95 with stock settings

    Same here. Expensive DDR4 4000 memory won't even boot at XMP. I didn't want to run at 4000, but even with the fabric at 3600, it still won't boot. The timings from the Ryzen memory tool will not work either. I'm running at 3600 with timings I got from someone with a gigabyte board and I'm...
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    What Paste Application Method do You Use in 2020?

    It was what I would call a small sized pea I guess ;) On the waterblock that is attached now, I did a thin layer with a credit card.