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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    I visit to check out the [H]ot Deals and Free Stuff's pages.
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    Free 2gb drive From Trend Micro

    i don't think a minute is an accurate description of the minuscule amount of time that it lasted.
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    HDCP Issues (Blu-Ray/3007FPW/8800GTX)

    I don't understand why the 8600 works with dual head, but the 8800 does not. Seems like that $600 for a 8800 should at least let you use its full capabilities.
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    so hot i nearly burned myself!

    decent deals, picked up the wireless one myself.
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    Dell 3007WFP-HC 30in LCD Monitor $1269 Shipped

    does this only have dvi-d in? no s-video or composite?
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    X-Fi Elite Pro $70 rebate @ Fry's &

    i bit too. now i just need to sell my audigy 2....
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    3 sata drives in 2 5.25 bays: $49.99

    i picked up a couple of these - just couldn't resist lian li in a lian li.
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    this woot-off has been going on for something like 45 hours now... i wonder if we will have a full 72 hours of crap to look at during this one?
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    heh, now we have wrist walkie talkies. guess it wouldn't be hard to loose - you would remember exactly when and where you threw it away, :)
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    i think i'll take one of these, i've been waiting for a portable dvd player for a while now. can't be too bad? hopefully or maybe not. i'm not always a fan of refurbished
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    They are going quick now. Hard to keep up (my laptop keeps beeping at me and pulling me away from Scrubs) :p
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    when will something I can actually use come up?
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    down to 19% . . . . . and the wait continues
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    nice one - now i just wait for the weird sound to play . . . . .