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    DFI nForce2 Hot Spots...

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    Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe was available

    theyre available at mwave at the moment, best price ive seen so far too. get some...
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    Is there a way to keep fans running while the rest is off?

    heres one product... "Evercool Extended Cooling System kit ECS-01, Keeps CPU Fan & an Additional Fan Running for 5 min After Computer Shuts Off" personally i dont see the point, is it peace of mind or what?
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    Would you buy the Antec P180 or the Lian-Li V1000

    some built for quiet cases from lian-li in black or silver... Lian-Li PC-V1100B Plus Aluminum Quiet Tower w/No PS (Black)... Lian-Li PC-V1100 Plus Aluminum Quiet Tower w/No PS...
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    Benchmark/Overclocking Software List

    i second the sticky, thanks for the list.
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    wooden case?

    exactly where on thier site is the case you speak of?
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    Dell 2405 sRGB settings
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    Good Modding and computer sites to link to

    computer modding = water cooling = others... the mother load...
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    Best 1GB module for 250MHz?

    ballistix from crucial. im at 285 with a set. 2x1GB/1x1GB OC Database...
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    ASUS A8N-SLI or DFI LanParty SLI?

    havent had any experience with the asus board but i do own a dfi sli-dr, greatest board ive ever owned. the board ran up to 310 HTT, running at 285x10, 2x1gb crucial ballistix 1:1 1T. air cooled, very pleased with the overclock.
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    dell 2405 color settings

    felling generous at the moment...
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    OC'ing BIG STICKS ex: 2x 1Gb+

    just picked up a couple 1gb crucial ballistix dimms. to check the limit of the ram i lowered the cpu multiplier to five, the ht link multiplier to two and put the ram divider to 1:1. then i ran memtest test number five, if it passed i increased the HTT by five and repeated. doing this i...
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    Dell 2405FPW: Possible to crop resolution?

    hmm... youd think so. im not seeing the option anywhere in the advanced display settings.