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    Waterblocks for 7800 -> same as 6800?

    Anyone knows if thre 6800 waterblocks will fit on the 7800 aswell? Card layout seems to be the same...
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    Zalman Nf4 Fan replacement

    Im want to replace my nf4 fan with a silent solution. found this pic from cebit. never seen that zalman heatpipe before, and its not on their page. anyone knows somethin about that pipe?
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    Asus Dual 6800Ultra

    seems like noone has posted this here yet, so i will :-) source
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    New ASUS SLI-Premium Board

    Cant wait to get one of those... ill hope they ship out soon... havent spotted a single shop with one those in their list...
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    finnaly hit the 7k :- 7008
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    512 MB cards confirmed by ATI, Gainward

    Official, from Gainward
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post)

    My new HIS is running good so far... 6987
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    2xLeadtek 6800gt fit on K8N Diamond?

    Will two Leadtek 6800gt fit on the K8N Diamond? The MSI dun have so much room between the pcix slots as the asus, thats why im askin...
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    Sli issue :(

    I allready tried new drivers and stuff, nothing seems to work...from what ive read its mostly the msi cards that bring these issue... :/
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    Sli issue :(

    Finally got my sli rig here, but nothing seems to work as it should do :( Here are my specs; MSI K8N Diamond sli 2x MSI 6800GT Corsair 1gig cl2 a64 3500+ psu - enermax 600W Everything runs at stock speeds. The problem is, i got issues like THIS, thats why i cant take shots. All...
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    Which SLI board?

    They also have this in stock :p
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    Which SLI board?

    This shop is one of the best i know, they nearly got everything you need for fair prices and they have most stuff in stock...
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    Which SLI board?

    Its a german shop, but they ship worldwide. i called them today and thy have like 200in stock.... here is the link alternate ...they also have msi platinium sli.
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    Which SLI board?

    I just ordered a msi diamond today, will be here on monday - they have plenty in stock you want the link?
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    NEW ZALMAN VGA COOLER...what do you think?

    Right now im havin 55°Idle and 63-66°load if the Zalman would keep it like 5° cooler ill maybe fit it on my card. Rewievs only show temps of "normal" gts, but those gainward beasts have higher temps than the most gts.