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    PHP vs java: need help deciding which to use

    I say Python only because I think it's easier to read than Ruby.
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    Company Bonus

    I got a nice bonus from my company and I'm thinking of building a machine. Here's what my specs are so far. What do you all think? All prices include tax and shipping. Processor $369.95 Intel Core 2 Duo E6600...
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    2x SLI 7900 GT or 1x 7900 GTX

    Would I be better off buying the 7900 GT instead of the GTX and spending the other money somewhere else like better RAM or upgrade the 3.0 Pentium D I'm planning on to the 3.2?
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    2x SLI 7900 GT or 1x 7900 GTX

    Everything I've seen says buying a single GTX is cheaper than buying two GTs, is the performance of a single GTX the same as two GTs?
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    2x SLI 7900 GT or 1x 7900 GTX

    I'm building a new rig and I'm wondering what's better for the money. 2 NVIDIA 7900 GTs in SLI or a single 7900 GTX or perhaps something else?
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    Alternative To

    I'm not exactly a professional graphic designer but I have many years of experience with photoshop perhaps I can just help you with it for free. You can reach me on AIM @ BullsBearsAndSox
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    Any good language teaching software?

    I think Rosetta Stone series is the defacto language teach series out there right now.
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    Inspiron 6000 Laptop 1.6ghz, 512mb, 80Gb, DVD/CDRW,802.11g $657 w/free ship

    I've tried everything and only see $300 off $1801 and the coupon doesn't work giving me a grand total of $1501...
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    Closing Powerbook lid

    Ok I have a surge protector for my car and an FM transmitter for my laptop. So I now can broadcast songs from iTunes via the FM transmitter to my car radio, but I now have the problem that when I close my powerbook lid the music stops. Is there anyway that I can make it so the powerbook does not...
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    Looking for laptop deal.

    I'm going back to school and have been looking for a laptop. I've been surfing the web and have found a couple deals but just wondering if anyone else knows of anything. I'm just looking for basic note taking, music playing, firefox using laptop. Don't really need all that much in terms of game...
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    Can any software out there accomplish this well? Use a real programming langauge, like python.
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    Splitting Bandwidth

    Sorry for the newbie question, but I'm definitely a network newbie. Is it possible to setup my network such that each computer connected to it is given a certain share of the bandwidth? I don't even know if this is how it works, but I'd like it so that if say I have 4 computers connected to the...
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    HD switch

    I have an hdtv and I want to hook up both hd cable and xbox up to it, but it only has one component HD in. Is there something I can use to hook both the cable and xbox into and then have that go into the one in and then I can switch which one it uses.
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    New Memory for my system.

    A lot of what you guys are saying will take up the full $800 without even mentioning a monitor.
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    New Memory for my system.

    So I was correct to believe that my first step should be to upgrade my RAM and not my videocard?