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    BFG Tech Hot Deal - Week of 12/15

    +2 I would be all over it :D
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    Any HT Guru's out there? Help! SP4800 /w HD BOX

    I'm no guru but... I believe component has two different ways of transmitting the image - YUV and CYMK color - make sure that the setting your projector prefers is the same on your DVD player / cable box. If you need the image to set it up, use a temporary composite or S-video cable to...
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    transmitter for digital cable box

    Does the Voom reciever have a serial port?
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    Who else wants an Acer Ferrari 3200

    anybody else see the sexy notebook from ASUS's presentation at the AMD Technology tour -- Athlon 64 / ATI 9700 combo + thin and light
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    FX-53 (S939) vs. Oc'ed Mobile at 2.7Ghz

    Good call Matt... a revision has been made in Scottys Long Term Strategic Upgrade Iniative
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    Mega mobile barton OC!!!

    I haven't experimented much with OC'ing; my former palomino ran too hot even with an SLK; Forgive my noobishness, but is this the pinmod I want? Will this allow me to use the higher multi's in the BIOS, or do I need to hardwire them with further pinmod's?
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    Looking for a Stereo Reciever

    I don't mind ecost, in fact I love thier prices... though I've never tried to return anything. I have bought some big ticket items too - an XGA projector (compaq refurb) and a Kenwood receiever (refurb) - both worked perfected and were beatiful - note: not great for smaller stuff because of a...
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    Mega mobile barton OC!!!

    I run into this -- apparently the signal for the multiplier setting is limited in values, so it has to share some (anything above 12.5x). My proc defaults automatically to the lower value, 5x and so on. :(
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    Mega mobile barton OC!!!

    Well now I'm stuck in the other direction. Falls, how did you get past the 12.5x multiplier ceiling - mine defaults to the lower multiplier if its shared (Asus A7N8X-E). The proc's got plenty of headroom left, but I'm memory limited (PC2700) fastest I can get it is 175/350 (about 2.2 gHz). I...
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    a7n8x-D: More volts and higher multy

    I'm running into the same ceiling of the 12.5 multiplier (A7N8X-E) --- the BIOS lists higher multipliers but apparently it shares them such as "5x/13x" and the mobile XP 2400 I just bought defaults to the lower multiplier. Is the "unlock -multi via BIOS up to 12,5x" what I want, or does that...
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    Mega mobile barton OC!!!

    Just got my 35W Mobile XP 2400+... Check out what It defaulted too
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    HOT!! DVD Rewinder

    HOT!!! Free DVD rewind sounds - Check it!
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    Most out of my new Athlon64

    newegg has the 74GB version for $188...
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    Looking for a Stereo Reciever

    The difference between the onkyo 500 and 600 series recievers is that the 600 has 6 discrete amplifiers; many audio enthusiasts believe that this makes all the difference. I personally went throught the reciever hunt a couple of months ago. I settled for the Kenwood VR-7070 - refurbished...