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    Win7 64-bit constant crashes

    Did you update your video card drivers? Ive heard of an issue with the new release of nvidia drivers frying cards and causing blue screens. Happened to me, updated to newest drivers, computer started blue screening not to long after and eventually the card died (within a week)
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    Google Wave invites

    FYI it usually takes a half day or so for the invite to go out.
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    W7, More freeze ups than ever.

    I had a really odd problem, I ran all the Windows 7 versions from Beta up till RTM. The only real problem I have had was explorer crashing after I RDP into the box from another and has to go back from Non Aero to Aero. One of the latest updates was a compatibility update and since then I have...
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    Windows7 - Cant play MP3s

    You can change attributes on all files at once, I am not sure what sharing with your windows home group has to do with playing files locally. It sounds like the permissions on those files are all screwed up and/or you dont know exactly what you are doing.
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    Windows 7 Streaming Error

    Did you go through the whole live logins on both computers? You have to associate your live account with both client and host
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    15/5 FIOS
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    Virtual PC/XP Mode new release?
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    DD-WRT in client bridge mode, can only access LAN. No internet

    Make sure your router is set to router not gateway, and also reboot your computer. I was having all sorts of issues like this when I got FIOS, had to use their router and then forward to mine. Couldnt get out to the internet, TS for a solid half hour, rebooted and it worked. Windows 7
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    Win7 USB drive install problem

    try this.. I had the same issue as you, this how to has a few more steps then the sticky thread here
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    New to me but for those Win 7 users.. place a fully functional recycle bin on the taskbar
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    Music player for x64, sync program for old 5G iPod

    Also look at songbird
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    Exchange 2007 Guru's - protection?

    Exchange Hosted Services here
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    HOW: Win 7 RC to RTM Upgrade

    I am well aware of what people do on this site, I just dont like when people do things like this then come back looking for support or complaining that this OS is terrible.. This person may not do it but you know there are a bunch that do and will...
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    Windows 7 Issues: AHCI + CPU Spiking

    indexing maybe?
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    HOW: Win 7 RC to RTM Upgrade

    You should not be allowed to comment on this forum if your going completely against everything Microsoft recommends.. Are you really that lazy? But not to be useless.. here you go