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    Modem Causing Busy Signal

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    Asus P4S800 / Dead CPU / Firmware Update

    Hey there, the CPU in my kid's PC recently pooped out. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I didn't make sure the retail HSF was properly secured. Oh well, all this tweaking, bound to miss something at some point. Anyway, it had a Celeron 2.4 (Socket 478, 400 MHz FSB) and I...
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    Alienware ALX (dual-NV45) benchmarks

    I actually had spent a bit of time Googling on the subject before I posted. The search term you provided gave me even less to go on than I already found. (As as side note, whenever I give someone a UTFG I check to make sure the search term I spout actually gets the information.) In any...
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    Alienware ALX (dual-NV45) benchmarks

    Where would one find information on such a card?
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    Allow BB code is sigs please

    Quoth the man with a specs sig...
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    Allow BB code is sigs please

    I would think that at least we should be able to have a link and simple text formatting. (Bold, unlderline, one font size higher and lower than normal) I mean, most people use their sigs for their rig stats and it would sure be nice to be able to draw attention to the important stuff. This...
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    9800 PRO Overclock , Is this legit??

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    new picture of Ruby

    She is stunning on an ATI. Just don't turn on wireframe (crash)
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    9800 PRO Overclock , Is this legit??

    Is this artifact free?
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    new picture of Ruby

    You can run Dawn on an ATI. Just search google for "dawn ati" AFAIK, there is no way to do this for Dusk.
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    9800 PRO Overclock , Is this legit??

    Just like any other OC. Entirely dependant on the quality of your pariticular chip. Looks like you got a good one.
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    scared VGA silencer

    I can't believe this thread is still going. Folks, sometimes we bork the things we love. Anyone who has been modding long enough has killed something at some point. Perhaps not a whole component like a video card but certainly everyone has their share of stripped screws, bent brackets, broken...
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    nVIDIA's marketing vs. ATi's

    Sorry but I have to agree somewhat. When it comes down to it, what's more appealing, a furry chimp or a pretty fairy? Fairy wins every time. Did it make me buy Nvidia this time around? No, look at my sig. But if I were to show off my card with a tech demo to a friend, guess which one I'm...
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    Anyone here OCing a 2.26B?

    My 2.26B is running @ 2.85 Not one of the better OC's for this chip but you take what you get. See sig for details.
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    NV40 & R420! Video!

    No, it was much better...