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    Call of Duty 2015 Is Scheduled for This Fall

    I played the most recent version, Advanced Warfare, but over the past decade this has gone from my absolute favorite franchise to one that only marginally holds my interest. Treyarch was partly responsible for that because of their horrible implementation. I should have learned my lesson with...
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    Introducing Microsoft Health & Microsoft Band

    It is compatible with iOS and Android. That's one of the big selling points, it works with the phone you have, not just Windows Phones.
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    Internet Freedom's Expiration Date

    "If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
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    How Much Money Can You Save Building Your Own PC?

    Other than a laptop, the last pre-built PC I purchased was a 368DX-33 from Micron Computers back in 1992 when I was in college. However being older now, with a wife, kids, and a job I was considering buying one simply because I thought I didn't have the time to thoroughly do all the research...
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    NVIDIA CEO: We're Working Hard On Surface 2

    Clearly I'm biased, but I really like my Surface RT. As a media consumption device it's great. My wife uses it for Netflix and Kindle books, my kids use it for games, and I use it to surf the web. With the recent price drop I'm even considering buying a second one.
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    Google Offering $1M Reward For Chrome Exploit

    It's also a way to get some people to pop up on the radar who would ordinarily stay hidden as they maliciously hack away in private. Definitely a win-win scenario for Google.
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    Stupid Bulletproof Vest Video of the Day

    And 60 million gun owners in America *didn't* shoot themselves today, yet this asshole gets the headline. His stunning stupidity is surpassed only by his complete disregard for the impact of his actions on others, beginning with his own family had something gone wrong, and then all the millions...
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    Gamer Thwarts Gunman's Attempt To Steal CoD: MW 3

    That you took what I said about being prepared to defend yourself and equated that with a movie reference simply validates my initial assessment. My formal training with firearms began 24 years ago, I continue to train to this day, though more recently on close encounter self-defense...
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    Gamer Thwarts Gunman's Attempt To Steal CoD: MW 3

    You would think that, and you'd be wrong. It's obvious from your analysis that most of what you think you know about firearms and use of deadly force was learned from years of cop shows on TV and action movies. The criminal didn't expect the victim to fight back, do you really think he'd...
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    Gamer Thwarts Gunman's Attempt To Steal CoD: MW 3

    WTF are you talking about? Odds? What Odds? Can you point me to those? Are they updated regularly? You want to play chance and hope that the person who just pulled a gun on you will be merciful enough to let you live so you can identify them later to police? Go ahead, I'd rather not play a...
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    Gamer Thwarts Gunman's Attempt To Steal CoD: MW 3

    This was my favorite part: "Morales told detectives he “freaked out” because he didn’t expect the victim to fight. Freeman said he didn’t really plan on fighting either. His instincts just kicked in, he said." That is the mentality of most criminals, they are...
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    Xbox Live Enforcement: Behind The Black Curtain

    Boris isn't all that unusual for Microsoft, I know a couple people with as many or more tattoos and more piercings. Generally whenever we see someone in a tie the first thing people think is "Someone here to interview, or sell something". It's very casual, even the VPs are in worn jeans and...
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    Xbox Live Enforcement: Behind The Black Curtain

    Nothing like that at all. The root issue is that while games and movies on the LIVE service all have ratings, things like Gamertags and user profiles do not, so by default we have to treat them like they have an ESRB rating of "E". The analogy we use is that if you paid to see "Scarface" in a...
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    Xbox Live Enforcement: Behind The Black Curtain

    That's a privately maintained site with no connection to my team or Microsoft. All of the XBLPET gamertags however are members of my team. We choose the phonetic alphabet so that our tags would be from a known set, so you'll always be able to tell if you are dealing with a real enforcer or an...
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    Xbox Live Enforcement: Behind The Black Curtain

    No, in the beginning it was one guy who looked at complaints weekly as an additional duty to his day job. We've been in our current fully staffed state only for the past couple years and we continue to grow the team. We are on the Studios West Campus. I'd rather not say which building for...