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    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Editions Blu-ray - Amazon Gold Box $37.99

    Thanks. I made the stupid idea of buying it with star wars 6 movie pack and selecting to mail them together (also selected slowest shipping speed)
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    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Editions Blu-ray - Amazon Gold Box $37.99

    Has anyone's order shipped yet? I bit and still nothing.
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    Mario Kart 8 - Amazon Sell Out

    I'm surprised I haven't seen this in this thread or having its own thread.... what do you guys think of the battle system? From what I've read/viewed they absolutely butchered the battle system. I expect the rest of the game to be awesome and I will buy it, but battle was my favorite part of the...
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    Netflix's ISP Speed Index For January 2014

    Umm... I have Comcast 50 meg service and I can barely stream sd video from Netflix (I'm assuming it's the wireless on my modem or my entire modem is bad but moving soon so not going to switch it out) not everyone on Comcast gets great service though. I couldn't even stream streams on...
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    Anyone think doom pack will go back on sale for $5? I missed the flash sale of it and haven't seen it back yet.
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    In for kotor 2 and max payne 3 today
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    What's the game you could play over and over?

    Dragon Age Origins Super Metroid Mario 3 Mario RPG Zelda: Link to the Past Shining Force 2 Mario 64
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    We'll see what happens!
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    WiiU Preorder up now

    I was debating preordering at walmart and then just reread the page. "Preorder this today and it should ship on 12/31/2012" WTF?
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    How about everyone chill out about bashing other posters geographic locations. Google picked Kansas City. Get over it. They may come to your area next or never at all. Making fun of another place just because you don't want to live there will not change this. There are poor and rich areas of...
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    Do families who signed up for the $300 install for free net for 7 years count into that figure? Even poor areas should switch to that if they have net since it comes out to under $4/month while mediacom charges 53. They should really expand this to towns in the KC metro area... Most of Kansas...
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    Galaxy S3 battery !!?

    I would not recommend that... I could never switch back to 4g and got a tiny fraction of 3g speeds with it installed. It actually destroyed my sim card and I had to get a new one from the nearest verizon store.
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    Best Case/Screen Protector for Galaxy S3

    Hopefully someone will be willing to help a noob out. I just ordered the GS3 and have never had a smartphone before. I really like the look of for the case which was mentioned earlier in this thread. I came upon this...
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    Never owned a smartphone, what carrier for me?

    I am strongly considering getting a Galaxy S3 when they release. I am currently living in the Kansas City area. Sprint says it plans to rollout 4g LTE in Kansas City sometime during the middle part of this year. The Galaxy S3 apparently only has 4g LTE so I would be stuck on 3g until they make...