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    High Performance to Noise Ratio in Noctua's Next Generation A-Series Fans

    I have 6 noctua fans in my PC and don't care what they look like. Even when I had a window in my older case, I didn't find myself staring in the window enough to care. I'd rather play a game than stare I'm my PC window. That said, the only fan I would upgrade would be the one on the NH-D15S. It...
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    Big Ransomware Outbreak Today - Be Vigilant

    So, what is the domain for the kill switch? A lot of companies would need to add it to white-list proxies for it to do any good.
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    Big Ransomware Outbreak Today - Be Vigilant

    Microsoft's new combined patches makes it worse. If you find a bug in the patches, you cant just skip a vulnerability or two. It is getting close to an all or none choice.
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    Big Ransomware Outbreak Today - Be Vigilant

    Microsoft had some major bugs in the March and April patches for servers. I spent 7 weeks dealing with Microsoft trying to get the issues fixed. I wouldn't be surprised if other sys admins delayed patching for similar bugs.
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    I got the UN40JU7100 for PC/gaming. It came with firmeware 1422? Is it recommended to upgrade or not?
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    First official Skylake Review!!

    I'm hoping that 1.312v in the cpu-z screenshot isn't stock voltage...
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    1080p 13.3in with 100% scaling?

    Has any one used a 13.3in 1080p laptop at 100% scaling in Windows? Are thing too small or hard to read? I'm considering something like the XPS 13 but I have some things that require me to use 100% scaling. This will be for systems admin work over remote desktop.
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    Super Smash Wii U

    I've been playing online and I seem to win every game. I'm not all that good. Are the better gamers not playing this?
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    New 3DS model

    I understand the inherent risks with buying technology, but this one stings a little worse than normal. It will be interesting to see how this turns out for them, since it seems like it has potential to backfire. I know I'll get one, but here is my mini rant: 1. The 3DS is only 3.5 years old...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I have been away for a while, but I have been playing a couple nights trying out the new patch. I find gear with like crazy that offers huge numbers in dexterity (for my Monk) and Vitality. The game seems to prioritize vitality given that it shows large increases in the "Toughness" number. After...
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    Tomb Raider reboot will make PC gamers "very, very happy"

    When you guys play a game such as this, do you go and try to get all of the secrets? I mean it seems like the game would be really short if I just proceeded and stopped looking for GPS caches, crates, journal pages, etc. This stuff really seems to break the momentum for me and sort of makes...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles v. MMORPGs

    I keep debating this myself with my copy. With the ebay price for sealed copies, I am going to really have to want to play it to break that seal.
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    Do you think the XBox One is done before it gets started?

    There is a LOT of complaining about it online, but many of the people complaining about it are likely PC gamers and/or PS3 gamers who weren't going to buy it anyways. The less informed Xbox buyers are going to buy it anyways. The more informed ones may hold off on purchasing due to the DRM, but...
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    For those of you that use a Gamepad with their PC

    Logitech F710 for me. The switch on the top that lets you switch between DirectInput and XInput modes is awesome. In XInput mode, the operating system sees it as a 360 controller. In DirectInput mode it shows as a Cordless Rumblepad 2. At one point (before the F710 came out) I had switched to...