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    Caution: Do NOT buy "Star Ruler" from Greenmangaming!

    Hey all, The Star Ruler patch is something that myself, in particular, and a couple of others have mentioned (ever more) frequently. I'm going to be raising this specific title with my Director this afternoon, as it's gone on long enough and doesn't put us in a great light. We'll be able to...
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    Greenmangaming seems to be having some kind of sale - DE:HR currently what, 8 dollars

    Hello again all :) As a note, this is part of our wider birthday sale, which has discounts on different days, but way more interestingly, a chance to win a massive Chainsword or Chaoseater. Thought you might like to know ^___^ -James
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    Green Man Gaming Used GW2 Key?

    Hey all again - after investigating the issue and catching up with NCsoft we have this information available, which does in part address the used key problem. -J
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    Green Man Gaming Used GW2 Key?

    Hey all - thanks for the warm welcome :) We do like to be proactive and interactive - as well as communicating a lot on our own forum/facebook/twitter we also interact with folks on reddit, cheapassgamer and neogaf. And now [H]! I'll keep an eye on this thread in the run up to the weekend...
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    Green Man Gaming Used GW2 Key?

    Hey Motaa, I wanted to come on here to offer up some information, I hope you haven't felt kept in the dark or ignored, I also had to wait a while for the approval on here! Typically it won't take days to get a response - our CS team are good at what they do - but obviously tickets are...