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    X99 Chipset RAID 0 Benchmarks?

    You could always get the Asrock extreme11 which has a builtin LSI controller. You'll get over 2GB/s easy in raid.
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    Are there SSD holders for 5 1/4" slots?

    To answer your question:
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    Haswell Z87 SFF motherboard list

    FYI, for those interested, the Asus Maximus VI Impact is available on Newegg and ncix now.
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    Sprint Cutting Unlimited 4G Data Plans

    At this point, they can't afford to cap their data plans because there would be a mass exodus. If they change the terms of your contract, you have 30 days to cancel for every line of service affected. Plus you get to keep the phone. If they cancelled unlimited data now, they would lose a lot...
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    NewEgg Exclusive Coupons (%15 off all desktop memories and more)

    So I got an email with the EMC coupons but none with the "BTEK" coupons. I really wanted to use this one :( 20% OFF 3ware/LSI/Rosewill/Areca Controller Cards Code: BTEKEKA32
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    [Help] Server Build (WS 2008)

    To be honest, if you don't have more than 10 devices connecting to the system, you don't need a server operating system. Unless this application specifically requires that you run Server 2008, I would just opt for Windows 7. Use the extra money for better hardware. If, however, you actually...
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    Who else has an SSD that died?

    I've owned 9 SSDs at one point or another and I haven't had a single failure. I've had 3 Vertex 30GBs, 2 Intel x-18M G1 80GB, 3 Vertex 2 60GB and a Mushkin Callisto 60GB. I sold one of the Vertex 30GB and the Mushkin Callisto to co-workers and they're both still running solid. I actually...
  8. J - Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB 7200 RPM 32MB Hard Drive: $59.99 FS

    I've bought 9 of these so far and haven't had a single failure. I only had two of them that needed to be flashed. The rest of them came with newer firmwares. That being said, I still wouldn't recommend these drives. I think a good portion of the failures for these drives can be...
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    Intel Retail Edge - i7 970 $215

    I ordered this weekend and still haven't gotten shipping info. I was really hoping to have it by Friday but at this point I kind of doubt it. Oh well. Gives me time to get the rest of my water cooling equipment ordered.
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    Intel Retail Edge - i7 970 $215

    It only took me like 5-6 hours to get to rockstar.
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    Intel Retail Edge - i7 970 $215

    Did you do these?
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    Stay away from OCZ storage products

    3 pages of people asking and we still don't know who he bought the drives from. My bet is that he bought them off ebay, in which case I wouldn't expect OCZ to honor a warranty from an ebay purchase either.
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    DANE-ELEC 80GB SSD Hard Drive w/ 2.5" Adapter SSD = $150 Shipped.

    This isn't a "Dane-Elec" rebranded Intel. It's an actual Intel drive that just comes with a Dane-Elec 2.5 adapter. So there's no issue updating the firmware or anything. I grabbed one a few months back and updated it with no issues. (Well... besides having to wait because Intel pulled the...
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    "Fermi" GF100 performance numbers are out

    Yeah, they had a competition for it. The guy won't get it until its officially released though. Apparently the card is going to be signed by Nvidia's CEO... :rolleyes:
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    "Fermi" GF100 performance numbers are out

    They actually had two GF100's on display at PDX LAN yesterday. They showed a couple slides about how its going to destroy the 5800 series in DX11 performance. They showed the car demo and a physics demo with a guy on a rocket.