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    Senior Design Project

    I'm a senior in electrical engineering at my university. I'm in a group of four friends, three EE's and one computer engineer. We will spend one semester designing our project and the next building it. We are looking at a few projects, but I was wondering if anyone had any neat ideas. We...
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    how does she look

    shouldnt the ram be spaced one dim apart ?
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    Dell Inspiron 9200

    I'm not a very big laptop guy, but with so many projects requiring matlab and pspice at school, I decided a laptop would be very helpful. I looked around for a week or two finding not only the best laptop for my needs, but also something easy on the eyes. I've never been a big Dell fan...
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    LED with Switch help!

    Actually I made a mistake. The LED will be on when the switch is off and be off when the switch is on because there is no voltage drop when the switch is on. There is 12V before and 12V after the switch, so no voltage drop. Do what I said in my first reply and everything should work fine :)
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    LED with Switch help!

    In your diagram, the LED will always be on. I'm not sure if that's what you're aiming for, but if you only want the LED to be on when the device is on, run the LED in parallel with the device. You will also need a current limiting resistor in series with your LED. For an LED to shine its...
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    I had no problems
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    project CRT²PC

    Sounds like a great project, but is a terabyte of hard drive space necessary? I can't imagine what you'd store on that much space :o good luck with your mod, I'm very interested to see the final project though :)
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    Mad, mad, mad, mad Mod

    "This one has only 2½ megs of RAM and just a stock 68000" It's got a nice video card :)
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    Advanced mod- Socket extension?

    Here is my two cents: There will be noise between the wires. There is noise in literally every wire in your computer. EE's working on motherboard circuits design the wires differently. Instead of "just resistance," it's modeled as an RLC circuit (inductances because the wires turn at...
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    Trust NewEgg?

    I've purchased over $15,000 worth of computer components over the past two years from newegg, and I've only had maybe one problem with them : Problem : They forgot to ship a cpu along with everything else. Solution : Called them, told them, they overnighted a new one. Simply the best...
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    Ipod trouble - won't restore

    Here's my problem : I bought a broken 15GB on ebay (hard drive was bad) and replaced the hard drive with a 40GB. Little did I know, the 40GB wouldn't fit. I sold the 40GB on ebay and got a 20GB. For some reason, when I try to restore it to factory defaults, it restores successfully then...
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    ATI Tool Fan Control Problem (X800 pro)

    Hehe not a slam, I actually intend to get one :P
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    amd64 removing heatsink bracket?

    I just pushed it
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    ATI Tool Fan Control Problem (X800 pro)

    0.0.21. Like I said though, it could have just been random (really, really random). I'll keep you posted if it happens again. :)
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    ATI Tool Fan Control Problem (X800 pro)

    I had my X800's fan running at 70% for a couple days, and all of a sudden, 10 minutes ago, my fan stopped (didn't die). Needless to say the card got extremely hot and froze my system. I turned my comp back on and found my card temp at 75C Idle (and I'm thinking.. this isn't a 6800 wtf!). At...