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    Time Warner Cable Loses 306K Subscribers in CBS Fight

    There were that many people who liked CBS?
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    Run Windows v1.01 In Your Browser

    One of the machines has zork on it. Should be fun to fiddle with.
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    The New Frontrunner to Run Microsoft is Ford’s CEO

    Ford and Microsoft: Quality is Job 1.1 ;)
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    16-Year-Old Arrested for 'Biggest Cyberattack Ever'

    Well, he is a hacker after all. That means he already has Asperger's or some other politically friendly mental illness.
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    Rockstar Says GTA V Scene Is Cannibalism, Not Rape

    I can't really work up an appetite for this game yet.
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    Why The GTA V Petition Won't Speed Up Its PC Release

    I still have Vice City I tool around in. :D I'll be okay for awhile longer.
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    Los Angeles School Kids to Get Free iPad by 2014

    Pfft. Next year for our school kids here. :) Mine two have their school laptops already.
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    The Top Tech Quotes of 2012

    It didn't make a difference in the end.
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    Parents Name Baby Hashtag

    I'm into step 4, maybe step five of the Kubler-Ross model. I gave up hope for humanity ages ago.
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    Field Guide to Tech Facial Hair

    I'm not one, but I'm closer to Unix Admin type.
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    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition New Gameplay Trailer

    I've been needing a new copy.
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    Google Employee Loses Prototype Phone In A Bar

    Another "leaked" phone. Apple should sue.
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    Top 10 Secret Features in Windows 8

    I don't see a pressing reason to upgrade.
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    LG Launches 84-Inch, Ultra HD Television at $19,999

    I'll wait until there's some actual content before worrying about it.