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    3080 Review Date and 3070 Release Date

    Nvidia has been reported as planning to artificially limit availability to intentionally drive prices up way above their "MSRP" which only exists to make it look like they're trying to be the good guys by "not jacking prices even higher". Reviews before sales? How many of those sites will edit...
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    RTX 3080 Official Unboxing from Nvidia

    "New airflow system!" So in other words, since their cards are going to be watt-sucking monsters they're redirecting the heat on to AMD CPUs to make themselves look better. Classic anti-competitive anti-capitalist Nvidia.
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    Oculus to require a Facebook account

    I agree, Facebook profits off of selling people's information so supporting them financially makes no sense.
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    B450 and X470 Motherboards Now Supporting Zen 3

    When Zen 1 was launched Asus's stock was about 45 times greater than AMD's which left AMD in a hopeless position to get manufacturers to use ROMs larger than 16MB. Why was AMD so powerless? Probably because the complete lack of critical thinking by people like the person I quoted who "buY...
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    Moderna Coronavirus vaccine sees positive results in phase one trial

    Absolutely no political agenda to kill 13 out of every 14 people on Earth.
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    AMD to Support DDR5, LPDDR5, and PCI-Express gen 5.0 by 2022, Intel First to Market with DDR5

    I built my 3800X rig and my finances didn't allow it until the week before Christmas - a time I would never intentionally wait to buy parts and I still got what I needed/wanted. Nothing of what you said suggests any legitimate reason to buy Intel because of shortages of AMD. Pray tell, allow...
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    AMD to Support DDR5, LPDDR5, and PCI-Express gen 5.0 by 2022, Intel First to Market with DDR5

    DDR5 is a guarantee on Socket AM5 for the most obvious reasons. PCI-Express 5.0 I imagine would be mid-socket AM5 as in my experience they've introduced all versions except for PCI-Express 1.0 itself at mid-point for each socket. 5nm I would imagine would be a safe bet for AM5 processors. Their...
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    AMD CDNA Architecture Based Arcturus GPU

    Gamers compose a very insignificant market share for AMD relative to other markets. Eliminating their debts and improving R&D to stay ahead of Intel has been AMD's top priority, not ensuring that people can, "Pawn noobs for the lulz at over 9000fPS!!!!!" "In human life, economics precedes...
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    AMD CDNA Architecture Based Arcturus GPU

    Great! The reason why GPU prices went insane was because the cryptocurrency mining craze used compute units - which all the AMD gaming cards had! By spiting their cards between CDNA (compute) and RDNA (Radeon) they'll be able to focus on utilizing more space for gaming on RDNA and reduce the...
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    The Outer Worlds Dev Reveals The Content It Cut From The Game And Explains Why

    The Outer Worlds crashes my computer, like literally resets it completely. I barely managed to get to a point I could save after skipping the cut scenes. I think it was one of the two games I got for free with my 3800X. I'd give it a chance if it was more stable than Charles Manson.
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    Leaked benchmark shows Core i9-10900K beating 9900K by 30%

    30%? Is there anything even close to 30% that can be even be cherry-picked? Fan-boyism is lame though fan-boyism for monopolistic corporations is the worst.
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    Spectra's New LGA1151 Motherboard Takes Us Back to 1992 With PCI Slots

    There are people would would drop 95% of the cost of an entirely new system in order to support a single archaic piece of hardware that has absolutely no redeeming qualities such as useful functionality that everyone stopped supporting. Coincidentally those people are not my clients. Also...
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    Xbox X & PS5 graphics hardware will finally kiss goodbye to weird-looking hair

    At least Team Four Star knows how to handle a bad hair day.
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    Videocardz: AMD promises RDNA 2 (Navi 2X) late 2020, confirms RDNA 3 (Navi 3X)

    They revealed RDNA2 (which we all knew about) and others things such as Ray Tracing (which we all already knew about). What to keep in mind: This was an event for investors, not people who "pawn noobs for the lulzzzz". AMD is a business, businesses exist to make money. Video cards produce...