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    Delayed audio response from receiver after inactivity

    Sorry for replying to an old thread but that fixed this issue 100%. Saved me from buying a new receiver.
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    the best 4k, 120hz, active shutter, gaming monitor?

    Sorry bud your only option is 8k OLED 100hz passive 3D. Sorry to disappoint.
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    Planetside 2 is looking wayy too much like bf3

    The explosions in alpha are placeholders.
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    Planetside 2 is looking wayy too much like bf3

    The kill cam is gone:!/mhigby/status/203228445407322114
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    Lenovo N5902 (Enhanced Multimedia Remote) $35.99 shipped

    Do these work with TV's? (Panasonic Vieras)
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    Is Plasma TV Dead?

    Burn in is 100% real with current plasmas... in the first 100 hours of use. The word "Menu" from the OSD is burned into the top left corner of my ST30.
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    Is Plasma TV Dead?

    Was it a high end plasma? The low end plasmas tend to have low lcd-like contrast ratios. Direct sunlight also washes out plasma filters.
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    iPad Owners Are A Bunch Of Apes
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    Screw the SGS3 - this is the phone I want!

    You mean Panasonic?
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    Voodoo5 6k Water Cooled

    GMA 3000 or X3000 according to Tom's Charts (assuming it was somewhere between a Geforce 2 Ultra and a Geforce 3).
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    Looking for a good Plasma TV

    I have an ST30 so it's not like I'm partial to the new ST50's, but the ST50's are brighter than the ST30's, have deeper black levels, and have a newer anti-reflective filter; hardly indistinguishable.
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    Looking for a good Plasma TV

    The Panasonic ST50's are coming within this month.
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    Laptop HDD Clicking Noise

    I have the same drive, it's normal for it, but it seems to become much less frequent over time.
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    Samsung 830 - Magician Software and Sleep

    Having a similar problem. The magician software is waking my computer up after I put it to sleep, after about 30 seconds of sleep, every time. Scheduling is off.
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    HOT: Netgear WNDR3700 $85 FS

    Does the lack of an external antenna affect the range?