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    Square CD Player

    What is this "CD" thing you are talking about? I don't see it available on the iTunes store.... :D This is pretty cool looking though
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    Own Joorself a Cray!!!

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    Hot Deal On "The Matrix Revolutions"

    That's funny. Normally that wouldn't show up on the web site but the way CompUSA convey's release dates to it's employee's is by setting the price to match the Month/Day/Year for the release. Should change to 14.99 on 4/06/04 Comp has a new thing about keeping ALL new releases at $14.99...
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    I need some DewU points

    Nice... register an account just to suck points off the members. Come over here and give them to a seasoned [H] member. I am paying for them too.....
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    Own Joorself a Cray!!! Not really a "Hot Deal" but I figured at least one person in here would find this interesting/amusing/cool.