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    Adobe Showcases Monument Mode At MAX 2015

    I meant Bubbly Blonde...
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    Adobe Showcases Monument Mode At MAX 2015

    Interesting technology for sure. I found myself watching the video multiple times though for the bubbly blone... who is she?
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    Patrick Norton And Shannon Morse Launch TekThing

    Could not agree more. Those were some fun times watching that show during college
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    Wii U games for me and my 5year old?

    What about the load times on Lego city? Can he play that without me sitting there? And need for speed hmm, isn't that adult content rated?
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    Wii U games for me and my 5year old?

    Thanks how is the difficulty level? I keep hearing this game is hard
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    Wii U games for me and my 5year old?

    The console updated this morning as I was leaving for work. Have not checked it out yet. Wonderful 101 hmm this I have not hear of. Thank you I will check it out. We love superheros at our house.
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    Wii U games for me and my 5year old?

    Thank you, it seemed overly confusing to me at first but then I set it up this way. Guess thats the way to go about it then. Really digging this Wii U, its a refreshing change from the Xbox ecosystem.
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    Wii U games for me and my 5year old?

    My wife and I talked about skylanders, we think maybe to wait till Christmas for that one. Lego Batman.... is it as easy to play as Lego Marvel Superheroes? I guess I need to pick up 3D World for sure based on several suggestions. Can anyone tell me how the eshop accounts work? I just...
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    Wii U games for me and my 5year old?

    Guys Just picked up a Wii U so I can play Mario Kart 8 with my son. Not sure which other games are local multiplayer and toddler friendly. We play a little Xbox One Lego Superheros and Fifa soccer from time to time. He seems to love racing and Forza is a bit boring for him. We tried Lego...
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    Gearbox On The Future and Present of Borderlands 2

    Tiny Tina's was great and have to laugh at your comment, why you hate this game is exactly why i love it.
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Merry Christmas, I love the fact that Corsair continues to make great products and stands behind them 100%. I used to think of them as the MEMORY GUYS, but now they have become so much more.
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    Modern Warfare 3 Makes $400 Million in 24 Hours

    I am having tons of fun with this, yes the graphics are dated but the game runs butter smooth and its a helluvalot of fun!
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    Modern Warfare 3 Graphics Suck?

    For the casual gamer like me (used to be hardcore) MW3 is perfect. I can get on the 360 and in 30secs be in a game with all my friends with fast paced action. Its fun, thats the main thing. Yes the graphics are dated but who cares
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I love AMD because they are not Intel....
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    Netflix Hikes Prices, Adds DVD-Only Plan

    The increase is too drastic...I think a lot of people will cancel.