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    Performance of E5 2620v3 vs i7 5820k

    Yeah not much is gonna change thru the end of this year, other than Skylake being more widely available... But it seems you were thinking of going with Haswell-E/X99 & a hexa core anyway. CPU/mobo prices are fairly static, at least until something better comes along... DDR4 has finally dropped...
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    Best PC Speakers for gaming $100, not much space

    Ok, but not much is gonna shake the house for $100, short of the Promedias on sale for $120... And speaker wattage is one of the most useless specs there are at face value. Like I said, for gaming or just "shaking stuff" the Promedias are probably his best choice. However, he also mentioned...
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    Best PC Speakers for gaming $100, not much space

    Yet another solid 2.1 option would be the Swan M10, I'd almost forgotten about them: For music, they're a pretty strong value at $105. For gaming I'd probably still lean towards the Promedias tho... The Swan 0.1 is really more of...
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    Best PC Speakers for gaming $100, not much space

    Another solid 2.0 option would be a couple smaller bookshelves like these: Along with a small T-amp like this: Total would be $113... Might not be much better than the Samson powered speakers...
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    Best PC Speakers for gaming $100, not much space It's a shame those Samson monitors have gone up in price by like $25 (currently $140), they blow away the Creative T20/40 mentioned if you preferred to go 2.0 over 2.1 (Promedias). The Promedias are tough to beat if...
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    Nexus 6 32GB $350 64GB $400 From Amazon

    That's what she said? :D I'm looking forward to another small (relatively) Nexus myself, too many huge flagships. The only thing I've seen that was even remotely tempting the last couple years was the Z3c, almost went for an OG Moto X over my current N5 but ultimately I'm glad to have gone...
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    6700k or 5820k build

    I chose the 6700K over the 5820K despite fully intending to OC either, but I still agree with M76's basic rationale, not OC'ing skews things further in favor of the 6700K (or eventually the non-K 6700, tho they'll likely be within a couple bucks of each other). I don't know how smooth...
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    6700K in stock (US)

    Not sure if that was aimed at me, but I'll definitely be OC'ing the CPU as far as it'll go, stress testing it, all that good stuff... And I'm moving up from a 2500K, if I was on aHaswell part I wouldn't have bothered. I just meant I might not push the RAM OC very far because it seems Z170...
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    Man Loses Job Offer After Sending Naked Selfies To Boss

    It only happened with the stock messaging app and it got fixed years ago... Even if it hadn't, nobody uses the stock messaging app anymore since most OEM swap it for their own (except maybe Moto?) and Nexus devices now default to Hangouts... This was old too, like pre-ICS.
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    Intel Skylake releasing non-k chips

    ^-someone else~ Hi! Didn't actually expect Skylake shortages to stretch so long, looks like paper launches are coming back in style tho. :p
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    eBay Seller Who Sued Customers For Bad Feedback Has To Pay Legal Fees

    First it's pro boners, now head, this thread is turning up all sorts of kinks.
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    6700K in stock (US)

    I bought some 2666 and called it a day; well, I bought a whole bunch of 2666, in blue cause that's how I roll, and called it a day. :cool: I'll probably try bumping it up to 2800 just for the sake of it, specially since it's a C16 kit rather than C15... But reading about your experiences...
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    i5-6600k vs i7-6700k after overclocking achieve similiar speeds?

    If the system is strictly for gaming I doubt it'll matter much, then again, if it's strictly for gaming I wouldn't necessarily upgrade from Sandy.
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    Hot: HP 6700k + 970 $875

    True, I'm guessing that does disable dual channel?
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    Skylake@MC: i5-6600k = $229 - $20 if you buy a board.

    I live in a US territory that just raised it's total sale tax from 7% to 13% in one fell swoop, I pay enough taxes as it is so you better believe I'm gonna factor in whatever the out-the-door cost is for me. It doesn't change the story for anyone that lives somewhere Amazon (or Newegg, or...