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    Looking for a Stereo Reciever

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    Think its time to RMA :(

    agreed. he's full of shit, and everyone over at genmay knows it anyway so just ignor him. I don't care if he overclocked it, everyone here knows as well as i do that him overclocking it didn't just manage to "break" the memory controller, especially if he didn't change voltages. If he didn't...
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    is a computer needed for coax - monitor?

    hey guys, I'm going to college in a few weeks, and was looking for a way to watch tv on my 19 inch LCD monitor, with VGA and DVI inputs. I'm going to be using a laptop, which only two real options are PCMCIA and USB 2.0. I was wondering if i could use this...
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    AMD's new reverse hyperthreading

    see that little red triangle by the post? try pressing that next time instead of being a tool.
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    What if Intel had no competition

    agreed, intel needs to produce new products so people feel the need to upgrade and buy another processor.
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    Hot: Verizon FiOS internet service 5mb/2mb - $34.99/mo, free install

    yes. T1 is a relic of the past for home use.
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    Hot: Verizon FiOS internet service 5mb/2mb - $34.99/mo, free install

    i have comcast, suburbs of philadelphia, and the speeds are 6mbps/512kbps
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    The "dumbest maketing" award, for the fifth year in a row, goes to... nice, OLED display ;)
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    Anyone Catch This?

    dual core processor, 2 gigs ram, 300 gig hard drive, ONBOARD VIDEO. thats the first thing that caught my eye when i saw it.
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    AGP or pci express 16x videocard?

    the actual preformance difference between AGP and PCIe is negligable, and i'm pretty sure thats what he was referring too. The only reason PCIe is is the way you want to go is for the reasons you have stated, better card support.
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    a little help

    you have nothing to worry about, 40* C is not a problem, even if the program is accurate.
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    tv over wireless network?

    Hey Guys, I have been planning on buying a tv card for my PC, and now that i also have a laptop, i was wondering if there is a way for me to have the TV go in to the PC, and then "stream" over my wireless network so i would be able to watch TV from my laptop. I hope this is clear, and it...
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    Intel's 65nm process exhibits Northwood-Like Sudden-Death Syndrome!

    well, out of all the april fools joke threads i've read, this has been the best :p
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    debating dell 2005 or 2405 or 2407

    you might want to read up about LCD technology, i'm not sure if you know exacly how it works. If you get the 2005 you MUST use 1680x1050 resolution (ok, you don't HAVE too, but it will look like shit if you don't), and the 2405/2407 needs 1900x1200 resolution. LCD's have an exact amount of...