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    How Immersive are VR Games?

    I was playing The Lab this summer, and due to the large room space I have I was able to walk myself outside the bounds of the lab area and stand right next to the path where the forklift intermittently races by. I think I was actually trying to get the dog to play in the path and see if it...
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    Owners: Are you happy with your VR purchase?

    Just thought I'd mention noticing the headphones in your sig: the DT770 pro and HD6xx are among the best suited full-sized headphones for VR due to their firm clamp force. I have a half dozen similar class headphones and most of them can't reliably stay over my ears if I rock and twist my head...
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    Serious Sam VR mGPU AMD RX 480 Follow Up @ [H]

    The objective way to do it would be to scale the supersampling for each card respectively with the aim of having maximum possible sampling while keeping the frame times consistently below the reprojection threshold. This might also showcase bottlenecks with the differing VRAM sizes as the...
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    Serious Sam VR mGPU AMD RX 480 Follow Up @ [H]

    I would love to see some sort of subjective analysis on IQ for the higher-end GPU configurations that are managing to get a lot of frame time headroom left over. A lot of content seems to benefit from manually cranking up the eye buffer size (supersampling), so it would be cool to see in what...
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: H3VR @ [H]

    If developers aren't devoting sufficient resources to properly optimize for AMD hardware, then it's on AMD to do something about it for their customers. Valve had to do work on Unity's renderer to make it better optimized for Vive developers rather than Unity itself doing it. Oculus/Carmack...
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    Nvidia Responds To Witcher 3 GameWorks Controversy, PC Gamers On The Offensive

    So you're saying: a) Nvidia didn't issue a mass refund on a product line, b) Changed their stance on mobile GPU overclocking, c) AMD has closed some of the driver performance gap that used to exist, Therefore the correct assumption is that Nvidia won't be releasing driver updates that...
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    Scientists Create Dark Matter 'Map' To See Invisible Space

    I always found this talk pretty pertinent on this topic: (basically an overview of the hurdles and constraints that exist when you try to hash out a real theory to get rid of dark matter, as well as the efforts in the past few decades to do...
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    Behold the Future of Gaming At GDC

    I've seen it reported more out of GDC (and the handful that have gotten their kits in the last 48 hours) than from previous demos. It might just be the fact that the meandering pace of the Citadel demo is a rather ideal case for hiding poor pixel response, while TF2 and Hawken are among the worst.
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    Behold the Future of Gaming At GDC

    Their current trackers poll every 1ms, and yet they're still in that 35+ms range of combined hardware input lag with their current devkit. The only place left for them to eke out latency is with rendering speed and display refresh rate. I don't disagree that consumer-level trackers of today...
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    Behold the Future of Gaming At GDC

    They're really talking about total I/O latency, of which tracker, rendering time, engine frame buffering, and display panel post-processing and pixel response time are all a part. Having a 1ms tracker latency is a nice bump over 8ms trackers, but the bulk of the latency is still going to be...
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    60hz versus 120hz and high refresh rates

    It's not just about smoothness, but also latency. 120hz means your screen is going to get updates every ~8ms. 60hz means ~16ms. Pixel response time gets tacked on after that. For the whole input->output chain, assuming 60hz w/ 60fps and 2ms display response time, you've got a theoretical...
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    19-year-old Egyptian Invents Propulsion Device

    Read your links down around the part where it talks about "free energy" and perpetual motion machines. There's a reason why this apparently revolutionary technology story isn't lighting the academic/scientific community afire. I'm not sure what her age has to do with anything, aside from...
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    Instantly Obliterate Data On Magnetic Media

    While a computer may read information from a hard disk as strictly digital polarities, the reality is that each 'bit' is still physically a magnetic field that's subject to variations in strength, which is why government and financial institutions require multiple passes in order to ensure any...
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    Minecraft For Xbox 360 Sales Hit One Million

    While Notch will certainly make some bank from the success, the days of him being a one-man indie-developer reaping 100% of the financial rewards are long gone. The xbox version wasn't developed by Mojang, and would have had Microsoft's mitts on it too (the game is an xbox exclusive, so likely...
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    Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Trailer

    If that's the case we might actually get a puzzle game with some difficulty instead of the scripted linear corridor stroll for 10 year olds and console players that was Portal 2 single player. There's no feeling of achievement if there's never a risk of failure.