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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Lifetime warranty and the support. Bought a XFX and it was missing an item, they sent a replacement for free :)
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    NH-U12P SE2 on a MSI 790FX-GD70

    According to Noctua's website, the backplate on the motherboard is not compatible. Now, I have sent them a email and am awaiting their reply as to how I could get my hands on a compatible backplate as they mentioned. But while doing so, I am also curious as to if anyone was able to mount...
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 4

    could use for spare rig, show me the video card!
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    Is $240 a good deal on an Asus VW266H 25.5"?

    I actually just got the monitor today. (Was supposed to get it yesterday... stayed home all day for it and UPS did not ship it even though it was marked "Out For Delivery". Someone over there apparently dropped the ball on that one, and I was planning to go to upstate NY.) Anywho... back...
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    Actual width of VW246H

    Thanks, I look forward to it. If it is indeed 22.25... I might be forced to go to the 25.5 version and move my tower :( Thanks for measuring.
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    Actual width of VW246H

    Hey guys, I am thinking about getting a new monitor. In this case, the ASUS VW246H after some reading of reviews. However the issue I am running into is space. I was planning to go for the VW266H but that monitor is too wide with the tower on my desk. I can fit it in if I were to move the...
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    Java Developer

    I've been trying to find out what the avg salary for a Java Developer position is in NYC. There seems to be many different websites out that that has this, however they all seem to use the same database or something. They all use the same UI for the most part, and the results are the same. The...
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    Single to dualcore

    In my case, i've been using dual core for awhile now... I haven't used a program that required me to install any of those fixes due to issues. However, some other people have had issues using dual core. So I would say to not apply any fixes until a issue arises and then you should try those...
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    Single to dualcore

    When I installed my dual core Opteron 165 coming from single core, I simply dropped it in and windows did the necessary changes to the system. After which I restarted the system and that was that. No reinstalls or sorts needed.
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    Operating System Not Detected by Setup CD, windows issues!

    I had previously posted regarding an issue which caused my WinXP install to malfunction, which stated: After doing a windows update for WinXP, my system will not go into windows. With a restart it reported immediately that windows did not properly reboot last time, however it did. When...
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    System a mess after windows update.

    After doing a windows update on WinXP, my system will not go into windows. With a restart it reported immediately that windows did not properly reboot last time, however it did. When selecting an option to start the system (normal, safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc) it will reboot...
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    where are all the windows ASP hosts?

    In the past when I was looking for hosting, I came upon I heard some goods and bads about it before. It has ASP hosting. The reviews I read were a long time ago, so I would recommend you look into more recent reviews before actually considering them. - hito
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    Why is the WAN continuously in use while systems are down?

    Ah, so that's what causes the WAN to go blinking non-stop lol, good to know :) As for my router, yes it is a wireless. I have it locked down, so I do not believe that's the cause of it. Checked logs, and all as well. but that did come to mind at first :) Thanks for clearing up that...
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    Why is the WAN continuously in use while systems are down?

    Just curious as to what information is being sent back and forth from my router's WAN side to the internet. I always see the WAN light blinking even when the systems in my house are all off. What protocols are being used and sort of information being exchanged while all the systems are off? If...
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    moving from winnie to an opty dualie -- is a full XP reinstall really necessary?

    I didn't have to remove the cpu from the device manager when I did it. The OS simply realized that the new cpu wasnt the old and did its thing. Autodetected to ACPI Multiprocessor and also the cpu's in the system.