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    Sas. Scsi. Ssd.

    I believe there is some enterprise use of SSDs as an intermediate level (cache-like) on large storage systems?
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    AMD Bulldozer / FX-8150 Desktop Performance Review @ [H]ardOCP

    Indeed - I'm sort of tempted to get one of those to test at work. We churn through disturbing amounts of calculations, so reasonably cheap many-threaded integer performance isn't a bad idea. (I'll get a 2600K if I upgrade my gaming PC this generation, though.)
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    Nikon 70-300mm vs Tamron 18-270?

    I haven't used either lens, but generally speaking: Don't worry about 270 vs 300 mm, that's not a difference you'll really notice. A 70-300 will typically be better in that range than an 18-300, though ... tacking the wide end onto it makes for some compromises. There's a review of the Tamron...
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    Word 2010 -- Can't indent multi-level list past 8?

    I'll have to agree. How about breaking it into headings and subheadings, then do a multilevel list below those?
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    Would You Rent Photoshop for $49 a Month?

    Hmm, I might have to do that for indesign. I want to lay out a poster (presenting some research at a conference), and getting a license from work for the private laptop I'd be using is a multi-month bureaucratic process. Getting reimbursed for one month of usage should be much simpler.
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    My temp converter calculates wrong

    As a side thing: If you're compiling on a linux machine, clang has much nicer errors and warnings than gcc.
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    PostgreSQL 8.4?

    Possibly. One of them might use it as a backend for holding (large tables of) data - you'll almost have to research it.
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    Help me find a GOOD sound card that is compatible w/ Windows Server 2008

    As I said in the original location: If you can find a cheap generic card with optical out, that plus a decent DA and amplifier should work rather well. If your MB has optical out, even that should be fine. Of course, I'm only guessing that the ultra-generic sound cards (like the intel...
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    Mumble Vs. Vent and thoughts

    Why, exactly? As long as it's set up reasonably well, it should be a slight benefit to the player compared to PTT, with no real issues for the others in the channel. We've got a few people using it, and the only issues we've had over the years are a couple of surprising sneezes.
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    Looking for a GOOD sound card that is compatible with Windows Server 2008

    The safest bet might be to get something very generic with optical out, and a small DA + amplifier. It should sound rather good, too. (Many rather plain MBs have optical out from the builtin sound, even.)
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    Woman Knocks Entire Country Off The Internet

    Yes, I am indeed assuming. There's a whole range of possibilities here. On one side is "woman, 50, decides to dig up cable instead of finding job". On the other end is "woman, 80, has no chance of getting a job and can't live on her retirement; decides to steal cables to buy food". I have...
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    Linux vs. Windows...

    For the OP: Libreoffice is a fork of openoffice, started after oracle bought sun (sun had a fair bit of control over openoffice). It's much the same, but more open to patches and changes.
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    Just started Torchlight... WOW!

    Mmh, I can see that happening. The main thing that makes me like D2 more is that I got bored of Torchlight roughly at the end of the campaign, while D2 lasted much longer. It does, however, have some annoyances that torchlight has polished out ... so it's probably a matter of taste. (D2 coop...
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    Just started Torchlight... WOW!

    Saying what everyone else has been implying: You should try Diablo 2 if you want something else in the genre. It's old (and these days, not too pretty), but if you liked the type of game and haven't played D2, well ... there's a reason it's the reference implementation.
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    Woman Knocks Entire Country Off The Internet

    Nop, but being old, unemployed and desperate for money (and probably food) might be a mitigating circumstance.