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    Way out of date

    My current box is a Shuttle with a P4 2.4 @ 3.0, and a 6800GT flashed to a 6800U. Laughable at best, I know, but it's still truckin' along. I was looking at doing another build, to maybe come a little more up to date, but I am so out of the loop I don't even know what's what anymore. When the...
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    Who else is addicted to WoW ?

    Only a Lvl 12 Undead Rouge, but definatly addicted.
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    I can't play HL2. Words cannot describe this.

    E-mail them and tell them you want your money back.
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    Wich PC game should?

    WoW. My life is getting sucked away by it.
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    HL2...Did i miss something???

    Wow, straight out of the Final Fantasy movie... only blue...
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    Post your Steam friends handle!!

    I don't even know it because it doesn't work. At all.
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    HL2:DM is hilarious when you're winning, absolute shit when you're losing.

    Yeah, but for some reason I'm always drawn back for more...
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    STALKER : Lost Oblivion Alpha Leaked

    Wow, this is starting to become quite the trend...
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    Which game renderer is most advanced?

    The Doom 3 engine is the most advanced engine on the market right now, it has the best pixel shading, shadows, and lighting.
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    There a book/story/movie about FFVII that I can read b4 watchin FFVII Advent Children

    Cloud gets out of Shinra, turns against them, defeats Sephiroth. That's my detailed summary of the game.
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    check out this HL2 bug

    ReBoot fucking owned.
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    HardOCP's "Valve's Counter Strike:Source – Beta at Best"

    Sorry, I wasn't aware that when a game is released in its final version that it ISN'T SUPPOSED TO WORK RIGHT....
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    Half Life 2. First 10 Minute impression

    Hahahaha, you made my day. Going home to play it in a little while, looks great, hope the gameplay is on par. :)
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    Valve Responds!

    Honestly, I'm tired of all of this, we've been through VALVe's bullshit about 27 times now, and I'd really rather not go through it with Vivendi. Why can't they just all be like id and just say "It'll be ready when its ready," that way nobody gets pissed and everyone gets the game when its promised.