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    8k60 8-bit rgb hdmi 2.1 from a 2080ti finally working!

    Most media is 24 or 30 fps so shouldn't be a problem.
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    I would just get something with eARC if you need something soon. You could always sell it and possibly even return it later. I have a TSR-700 I got from Costco and it has issues if plugged in directly, but with eARC I my LG CX handles everything and no issues with 5.1.2 / gsync / 4k 120hz
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    Gaming tablet

    There's windows devices out there that have a form factor similar to a switch, etc. Would that work?
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    LG 48CX

    True story? What did you do to get a shoe thrown at you lol
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    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    Just beat this game off Game Pass, really enjoyed it (but some of the puzzle solving stuff was too tedious and annoying, ended up looking up the answer for a few near the end.) I'm surprised it's not labeled as a horror game, some parts (like where you're blind and trying to find the way out...
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    Half Life Alyx on sale 35.99

    I was a bit unimpressed with this game, never finished. Too much of a looting simulator, I spend 40 minutes looking for ammo and stuff and only 10 minutes doing fun things like shooting baddies.
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    Immortals Fenyx Rising Ubisoft

    Yeah also not seeing the issues you were.
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    Xbox game pass PC

    Reminds me of Tetris Effect: Connected. Only available on game pass or xbox store. Those who bought on PC before through epic or on the ps4 get screwed if they want to make use of the new update to play online. I'm glad I had game pass, but honestly it's probably the only game I really played on it.
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    6700k paired with 3080 (bottleneck?)

    I have a 3090. This thread is convincing me that I really gotta upgrade from my 6700k (and update my sig)
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    Immortals Fenyx Rising Ubisoft

    I bought the season pass, let me say not a huge fan of the A New God DLC. It's just vaults after vaults basically, and they can get really tedious. There's only one way to solve them usually, and some of them require a lot of trial and error in executing perfects. Yesterday I finally ragequit...
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    Wireless HDMI - TV to audio receiver

    It should have it I'm pretty sure, most TVs do now a days. My cheapo samsung TV has it (wireless would need to be turned on.)
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    Crysis Remastered

    100% I replayed the original version shortly after remastered came out. Super fun and looks great until the aliens come. About what I remembered from when I last played it 10-11 years ago tbh too. It's pretty short though luckily, I think the campaign took me 6-7 hours. If I ever play again...
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    Need recommendations for a good casual workplace appropiate online game

    If you can possibly stream from your home PC Jackbox games would be great. The latency doesn't matter for that game.
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    Xbox 360 controller to Xbox Series S/X controller worth the upgrade?

    Reliability is probably worse with the X1 controllers honestly. The bumpers don't last long.
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    I got the TSR-700 which is bugged but at least has eARC. $330 at Costco, my CX has enough HDMI 2.1 ports for my needs.