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    Samsung Turning off TVs in the UK

    Exactly what I've been trying to point out. Most other posters here are thinking this is something that's going to affect smart TVs or actually turn them off.
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    Samsung Turning off TVs in the UK

    I'm shocked people aren't getting this It's an advertisement that'll be broadcast over cable. Has nothing to do with affecting Samsung TVs only, or just smart TVs. It's still an evil ad, but nothing quite like what Eternal Darkness for the Gamecube did .....
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    Samsung Turning off TVs in the UK

    " The second ad will air at key times on Saturday evening and is set to disrupt the Champions League final commercial break where the audience will be told it is “time to adjust your set”.
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    Some Carriers May Start Hiding Signal Strength from Users in Android P

    Looks like they removed the option to do so in iOS 11 (there was a dialer code you could enter before to replace the signal dots with the dBm value). At least with Android we can use apps like LTE Discovery if we need detailed info on signal levels and such.
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    Phil Schiller: Android’s Face ID Attempts “All Stink”

    The OnePlus 5T is the only Android phone that seems to have done well with their face unlock.
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    Doctor Loses License Because She Doesn’t Know How to Use a Computer

    Hopefully those file cabinets are fire-proof at the very least.
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    Google Pixel 2 XL Display Issues

    The Verge also had a writeup about this. Not impressed.
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    Razer Phone to Sport 2K Display, Snapdragon 835 SoC, 8GB RAM

    Outside of one Sony model and the 18:9 aspect ratios of some phones, we've been stuck at that 1440p resolution since the LG G3. Heck, even the 18:9 phones technically are 1440p
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    Razer Phone to Sport 2K Display, Snapdragon 835 SoC, 8GB RAM

    DirectX 12 on a non-Microsoft OS? Umm..... HOW?
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    Panos Panay: The Surface Line Isn’t Going Anywhere

    That said, I seem to remember similar rumors about XBox (especially when the 360 was out). It was generally a money-losing segment at the time, so why would they bother sinking money into it. Bottom line: Analysts know nothing.
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    Panos Panay: The Surface Line Isn’t Going Anywhere

    What's been their stance on Windows Mobile? It's not dead, it's not dead, We're fully committed....... Oh! It's dead.
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    AMD RX Vega 64 Outperforming NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti in Forza 7

    Forza games have never been well optimized, so this seems like a random thing more than anything else.
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    Tim Cook Calls $999 iPhone X a “Value Price” in New Interview

    The difference here is that $700 graphics cards can provide a better experience than a $400 one. This is hardly the case for phones, where competing products actually can (and have more features).
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    Long editorials on front page news

    I've noticed a few news posts on the main page are pretty much editorials now. Not sure I like these long-winded posts now, but was curious what other [H] readers thought. Personally, I like when the front page news items are short and sweet, and one could hop into the forums for more insight...
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    Samsung Galaxy 8 Launches Today and the Tame Apple Press is Terrified

    It. Did. Not. Launch. Today. Sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves. The phone was ANNOUNCED. Until it's available to the public, it hasn't "launched."