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    What can I do with...

    This was the best and correct answer. I even wonder if he’s the YouTuber that made the video I saw and say the exact same thing.
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    What can I do with...

    I obtained a late 2010 Mac Pro with 64gb ram and dual AMD 5770 video cards. I’m updating the macOS on it as far as it’s letting me. What can I do with this beast!? Apparently the highest it can go is Sierra. Guess those cards don’t support metal.
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    DIY Project Valerie: Build Your Own Triple-Screen Laptop

    I love how it extends over to his son's lap and he moves the kids tablet out the way! hahahhaa
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    Keyboard Snobs Rejoice

    It needs better click-outable feet, or 2 layers of those!
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    You're Doing it Wrong

    I'm surprised the funny amazon reviews aren't pouring in yet.
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    Next VR Craze: Drunkn Bar Fight

    Yeah I have no interest in spending the $ for THIS... Albeit the video did make me laugh. It looked like you could pick people up, but he never tried that. His trial and error skills suck.
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    Foosball With Power Drills

    Yeah spinning is for lameos... I owned a decent table like this at one time. One of the house rules was no spinning. It's all about a good wrist twist. Isn't it always? heh
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    Microsoft Rolls Out Update To Remove 'Get Windows 10' App

    It's still totally free for "anyone" through this link: Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users
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    I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup

    I read the entire article... From the beginning I guess I would never fall for this because if you can't front-end my airfare for the interview, I'm totally out. Screw off. And I have flown in for 2 separate interviews before (that they covered from top to bottom). The story is CRAZY... If...
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    Cool LEGO Statue Thingy of the Day

    Why!?! I mean wow but WHY! Also, the music they used, I truly kept anticipating Billy Joel to start belting some song I love... And then it ended and I was sad.
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    Robot Promises to Destroy All Humans

    Wow that thing is scary... it looks like her head is on backwards on top of her neck
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    DIY Hidden Retractable Ceiling TV

    yeeeeeah no thanks
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    Man Builds Massive Megaprocessor In His Living Room

    All that... to suck at Tetris.
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    Homebuilt 200W Laser Bazooka!

    I've seen a lot worse videos, I find him entertaining... I'm curious if he had any burn marks on the other side of the wall when he was pointing that thing around in his... garage?
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    Google I/O Liveblog

    I had to add www in front of