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    Physical Address Extension

    I am using windows xp 32 bit and when i play CS:source my frame rate drops down to almost 20 fps for no reason wether im out in the open or in a small room. just lags. I have adjusted the memory timings a lil bit and it seems to have helped. Like I said as far as the game is concerned my...
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    Physical Address Extension

    I have upgraded from a 2800xp +, 1GB (512+2 256's) of ram, to an athlon xp 64 3000+ venice sckt 939 with a GB or ram 2 x 512 corsair. Now i installed windows fresh and when i boot up and look at the system properties i see "Physical Address Extension". Why in the world would it use that I...
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    Honest Opinion how much is it worth?

    My wife and I are in some serious debt and I was thinking of getting rid of a couple of things like my computer monitor and internet and shit like that. I just want a ball park figure on what my machine would go for if I tried to sell it. Here is my setup. Athlon xp 2800+ 1gb Non-dual 2 x...
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    Am I dumb? Tell me what im doing wrong!

    Alright here is what I am trying to do here. I just moved into my new huose and got my cable transfered. Well I have a dish in the side of my house and I read up on some different things about makeing home made antennas using diffferent types of dish's. I have a Dish Network Dish500 and I...
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    Need Advice!!!! Networking 3.11 to xp

    Yes I have used dos net program. When I do Net View all it sees is itself and the shared folders on that computer under WORKGROUP which is what all the machines are set under. From the research i have done everyone says its almost impossible but I think there has to be a way. Maybe some form...
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    Need Advice!!!! Networking 3.11 to xp

    Ok I havent posted here in a long time. I have been hired as an outside contractor by my company to network 3 CNC machines to thier main office. Two of them were a peice of cake but the last one has a controller running windows for workgroups 3.11. Well I installed tcp/ip on the 3.11 machine...
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    FS 172t Samsung LCD, geforce 3, 512 pc 2700...

    How much would you just sell the RAM for? Also what brand is it?
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    FS: linksys 802.11g adapters, 1xUSB 1xPCI (WMP54G & WUSB54G)

    Seriously, You are the worst buyer I have ever encountered. I do not want your card anymore because it was a month ago I sent you 30 dollars. Please just do me a favor and refund my money. And no I have not recieved anything in the mail from you. I dont care about the money it is just the...
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    FS: linksys 802.11g adapters, 1xUSB 1xPCI (WMP54G & WUSB54G)

    UHHH no they were sold but never shipped. I am still waiting on my card.
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    FS: Inspiron 1100 - 2.2ghz, 384mb Ram, and more!

    You have a PM BUMP
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    FS: Laptop IBM T22 P3 1GHZ DVD 256MB 20GB "Good Batterty"

    Price has dropped PM me if your interested bumpity bump bump
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    Dell Latitudes For Sale.

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    FS: Laptop IBM T22 P3 1GHZ DVD 256MB 20GB "Good Batterty"

    I would be willing to trade for another laptop and cash. Im tryin to give some incentive. oh yeh and BUMP
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    FS: Laptop IBM T22 P3 1GHZ DVD 256MB 20GB "Good Batterty"

    Come on there has to be someone to make an offer on this. !BUMP!