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    Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

    Still using my X58 system which I recently gave a slightly longer lease on life with a RAM (6 to 12gb), GPU (R9 290 to 1080ti) and CPU (i7 930 to Xeon) upgrade. I think Zen 3 and x570 will finally allow me to retire this rig after 10 solid years of service....and hopefully get 10 years out of...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    I'll be joining the club in a few days! Going from an i7 930 to a X5675. Hoping I get a good one to get me to 4.6ghz!
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    i7 930 owner rejoining the Red Team, buy now or wait?

    Great information! Thanks for pulling up the ArcGIS Pro hardware info regarding cores and GPU processing (now I wonder if the software can take advantage of an Nvidia SLI setup on a desktop for Spatial Analysis duties). Concerning the upgrade, I wanted to factor in the gains that software...
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    i7 930 owner rejoining the Red Team, buy now or wait?

    Really appreciate the feedback everyone, it felt like a dumb series of oft repeated questions/hypotheticals but I'm glad I put it out there to see what others thought. Makes me glad to see these forums alive and well still after being away so long. But after even MORE debating (some parts...
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    i7 930 owner rejoining the Red Team, buy now or wait?

    I switched gears and started a 3300x build after seeing their performance per dollar and taking my current monitor setup into account. I'm beginning to realize I'm not the hardcore gamer I used to be with the bankroll and desire to back up a high end build anymore and that the hardware scene...
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    i7 930 owner rejoining the Red Team, buy now or wait?

    I've been out of the game for awhile (checkout my signature for my current rig) and holy s**t a lot has changed. HardOCP only lives on in forum form and the last AMD CPU I owned was a Clawhammer FX-53 that I cooled with a Koolance Exos (remember those?). So I find myself back in HardForum to...
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    290x/290 Performance

    Ill try it again using the GPU tweak, still on the fence about doing the 290x bios swap
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    290x/290 Performance

    Final numbers on this driver and afterburner beta 17 build. Could probably use more voltage to hit 1200+ Using stock Asus 290 bios. +100mv +50 power target Temp: Low idle @ 35c highest temp after uniengine valley for 1 hour @ 50c Core Clock: 1175mhz Mem clock: 1550. Anomaly to note: Had...
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    290x/290 Performance

    Underwater with a EK acetal nickel block. 55C highest under furmark, 50c under regular gaming. Cant get past 1100 without artifacts after a few minutes. Using the beta 17 afterburner file with +100mv and +50 power limit. :( Testing the memory speed now. Currently at 1350..
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    290x/290 Performance

    Asus 290 - 63.9 ASIC score :mad: EK Nickel Acetal block and backplate here on thursday. Then a waiting game for the utilities and bios tweaks.
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    Just ordered 290

    Just a heads up to anyone looking to buy one. Looks like Newegg had some more 290 non x's on sale from sapphire and one or two other vendors as of 10am PST this morning.
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    290x/290 Performance

    so YOU guys are the ones that snagged all the EK blocks in the world. My 290 will be stuck on reference for a little while longer while EK builds more. got 1075/1375 out of it though so far.
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    What video card will you be using for Battlefield 4?

    480 SLI unless it proves to be too slow to run at 1920x1080p on my big screen. Only then will I cave and snag a single 780.
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    Faulty radiator?

    Should leak test with distilled water next time and save the coolant for actual setup in the system.
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    What games would you like to see tested in an upcoming comparison article

    if it hasnt been suggested already, Lord of the Rings Online. Its just recently become Free 2 play so should garner quite a bit more attention. not to mention it aint so bad on the eyes either