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    AMD Ryzen 16 Core “Whitehaven” Enthusiast CPUs Leaked – 3.6GHz Clock Speed, Boatloads of Cache & Qua

    Considering Juanrga is banned from other places on the internet including semiaccurate forums for blatant trolling I wouldn't bother with him. He's made so many false and inaccurate statement and predictions that it's become a joke at this point. I've added him to the ignore list too and I...
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    AMD Threadripper Socket TR4 Up Close and Personal

    Then the industry would have to move to PGA because it's alot easier to fix bent pins on a PGA processor than on a 4094 LGA pin socket. The only problem is that the pins are thicker and to get something like TR4/LGA4094 on a PGA socket it would end up being an even more massive processor due to...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Unboxing and Install

    Kyle why did you do the incorrect order when locking the processor into the socket. The instructions clearly said to do 1->2->3. You did 1->3->2. For those complaining about this installation procedure it's actually so much more simpler and HP has been using a sled like system for a while now...
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    Unlocking max turbo bins of Xeons on X99?1

    No. CPU strap isn't supported.
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    5820k lifespan?

    You can't use CPU strap on those Xeons. Only small and minor BCLK adjustments and that's it.
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    Buying multiple/spare motherboards?

    Was considering it but the closest other motherboard I would consider is the MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK. Didn't see too many other X99 motherboards besides from MSI/Gigabyte that interested me. The ASUS I may have considered but they had a problem in the past with overvolting processors (such as the...
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Was hoping for a Nikolai but didn't get it but got a Grem (didn't want it though). Got some others too but I'm disappointed that I didn't get a Nikolai at all and others have gotten it.
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    Buying multiple/spare motherboards?

    Same question to applies to any other computer components as well? Power supplies, memory, etc.... I would think that at least with power supplies or even for example DDR4 memory that they wouldn't get that outdated or obsolete compared to motherboards? Back to the question about the...
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    Buying multiple/spare motherboards?

    So if I understood correctly if it's not mission critical then buying a spare motherboard doesn't make sense because of how quickly motherboards become obsolete? The other reason why I asked about this is because I've seen some good deals on older X99 motherboards and wanted to get a few on...
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    Buying multiple/spare motherboards?

    I'm finally looking to move to X99 but with that I am wondering if it makes any sense to buy multiple motherboards for the sense of having spares or backups. Or do even premium X99 motherboards get outdated in terms of feature wise and it would be better to buy a replacement when it does have...
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    i7-6900k fail

    ASUS x99 motherboards are also known to overvolt processors. There are lots of stories of the Rampage V over-volting 5960X's.
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    980Ti still worth buying?

    Well It's been a while since I've upgraded to the setup so I was hoping that perhaps an SLI setup consisting of 980Ti's would last me at least a bit longer especially at 1440P with very high graphical settings. Then I am also considering moving to 4K in the future too once the prices for TN 4K...
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    980Ti still worth buying?

    It's a typo. Meant to post $332 each but it is being sold as a pair. My thoughts as well but the 1070 costs more in an SLI setup and it's only 6% faster on average if we use reference vs reference. I could always try and bargain him down if it would be worth it then I would be looking at maybe...
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    980Ti still worth buying?

    Motherboard and power supply can support it easily (with spacing). Sorry each card is $332 individually.
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    980Ti still worth buying?

    Looking to upgrade my old video card setup and noticed some 980Ti's selling for the equivalent of about $332 USD each . Is this still a good deal or should I pass the 980Ti and wait for Vega/1080Ti or even just get a 1080 and stop there? Resolution will be on a 1440P monitor with high graphical...