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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    The KS8000 series is even brighter. I have to keep mine at a 7 as well or it feels like a portable sun is in my room.
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    This one : I just got it and it works 100 percent with my KS8000. I've got it running at 4096x2160 60p with 4:4:4 Chroma no issues to speak of. I'm sure if...
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    Privacy Fears Deter Web Users From Online Shopping

    Buy a prefilled Visa/Mastercard and go forth.
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    People Spend Twice As Much Time Watching Netflix As Socializing

    Considering I had friends with parents that were never home and therefore were "raised" on TV/Cable I doubt this matters. I would be much more concerned with what my children where watching on Youtube since that covers a much wider range of idiots who think they are "so fab" with 200k subs...
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    Win 10 Screws up CS

    Its one of the most popular games on PC. It doesn't matter if you think its dated because its making a fortune for Valve. It'll probably being going strong for years and years to come. Its got a huge competitive scene and a huge casual player audience. Its dirt cheap. If you have any talent...
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    Do you think the $60 price tag for battleborn will hurt it's community, When Overwatch is $40? See T

    Battleborn is already a failure. I can not or refuse to believe no one from the beta or their own Q/A didn't say to them during feedback or a meeting "This game is like a vomit of color and its a huge issue. We need to tone it down or it will turn people off". Its a really different game from...
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    Amazon Blocking Non-Prime Members From Buying Certain Video Games

    This will backfire. Big time. I love Amazon but man you are acting the fool Amazon. There are TONS of other places to buy games and for less.
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    How many of you are experiencing crashes with AMD/Nvidia GPUs in DS3?

    Interesting. It seems almost all of the complaints come from Nvidia users. Perhaps a new driver is coming to fix the issue.
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    Stephen Hawking And Billionaire Team Up On $100M Quest To Find Alien Life

    Pretty much. I think its wonderful. Even if it doesn't net any Earth shattering results simply making it there is incredible. I hope it actually happens.
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    How many of you are experiencing crashes with AMD/Nvidia GPUs in DS3?

    It seems to be affecting quite a few people and especially so at bonfires. So far I've had zero crashes on a 390x. I'm just curious if any of you Nvidia users have been running into crashes or forced to lower shadows to "low" to prevent them?
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    Max Video Card for i7 920

    Just upgraded from an i7 930 to a 6700K.. Dude do yourself a favor and upgrade your CPU as well. Night and day difference. I'm not even kidding.
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    Qnix = Bummer :(

    They are ditch panels dude. Its a dice roll. Everyone kinda knows the cheap Korean panels are a total random. I have 3 and they all work fine. I got mine ages ago so. But people constantly had good and bad experiences with them.
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    Science Channel Reviving 'MythBusters,' Seeking Hosts Via Reality Series

    At least the original 3 have their own show coming this Winter. This is just awful. Mythbusters IS Adam and Jamie. I just can't imagine it otherwise. They should just let it go. Discover is a shit channel now anyway. Between all the dumb shit reality shows? Fuck that channel.
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    This is how I feel right now.

    Its gonna be a long wait. Its already been a long wait. Everyone is gearing up their dicks for VR. I hope this next gen is a serious improvement.