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    One day with 6970

    Interesting one day notes: I installed a Diamond 6970 from Newegg yesterday, after having to upgrade my PSU to a noname 1100w from (local retail shop for since the TT psu only had 6 pins and a 6pin to 8pin adapter wouldn't let my GAEX58UD3R startup....really wants...
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    Any new GTX 460 owners want to share their experiences and impressions?

    Just got two ENGTX460 DirectCU non-top versions. They are so wide they will not fit in my EX58-UD3R -the slots are jammed together or these cards are fatties! I can kind force them in if I put them in the right order, but when I ordered them, I forgot my board was pre-sli boxed. It is...
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    Asus GTX 460 w/ HAWX 2 $114.99 Free Shipping

    Best Buy this morning had the 1GB non-TOP version for $178, but sold out before I thought about it to order a second one.
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    Galaxy's Name That Fan Contest

    Blade Jacket
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    Google Street View Image of the Day,13.368008&cbp=13,320.72,,0,-29.96&ie=UTF8&panoid=K0Hv_pLb98MJa2Cd_QcH2w&ll=42.363907,13.367907&spn=0,359.997589&z=19 Driving around in a condo complex, the all seeing eyes hit some branches. Before complex, no stick turd in the...
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    omg, that will go great in the baby's room...who needs a crib right?
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    .NET developer starting pay?

    I skipped some fluff in the middle, but in South Bend, IN - internships pay about $12 an hour for full time for starting ASP.NET, SQL Server, C# developers. A Entry level position nets you around $40K per year with those skills, or any other development (C, MySQL, ASP/Ruby/Http ... ) for that...
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    XFX 850 Black Edition Spy Pics

    What case is gonna highlight this wicked looking ps? If the review is good, I'm ready to rebuild...and my case won't cut it.
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    National Archives Offers Big Reward For Lost HDD

    He wasn't around then, but he was my first suspect till I saw the date. Still suspecting Bush or his administration since they knew they were going to be out of work for a little while.
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    Toddler Accidentally Buys $15K Digger Online

    Looked like a boy, and had a payloader in the pic...but you are right. "Pissed off toddler, named after male genitalia, buys earth moving equipment to hide mom's body"
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    Toddler Accidentally Buys $15K Digger Online

    Trying my best to come up with a better headline..."Toddler proves there is a bigger Hoe than his mom in NZ, but still angry she named him Pipi"
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    National Archives Offers Big Reward For Lost HDD

    Pretty stupid way to back up everything apparently so critical...plopped onto a portable drive and left on a shelf. Must have been the Bush administrations way of deleting history.
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    Tunnel Rat Robots Help In Fight Against Drug Runners

    I wonder if I could get a drug smuggler to deliver me one of those robots for less than a kilo costs...
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    Apple Releases Four New Commercials

    Found the legaleeze! HD ftw... I think all computers suffer from needing a cleanup once in a Quicktime is still running though I removed it and rebooted(That should be illegal), hard drives need defragging and some cleanup even on Mac and Linux.
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    Apple Releases Four New Commercials

    I had to download quicktime to watch them, but the time travel one was funny enough to let me keep it installed a whole 2 minutes after I watched all the rest. The iPhoto search feature might be good, but what idiot puts all their images in one big folder? My grandma knows better...and my...