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    HELP Can't send for a month!!

    Well after wiping everything out and doing fresh installs again it seems to be working. Only lost 2 months of a Q6600 production :(
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    HELP Can't send for a month!!

    I have restarted the system, I have wiped everything out except the executable and still keep getting assigned to the same server. It would complete a unit and then say it couldn't connect. Is there any way to request a different server?
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    HELP Can't send for a month!!

    C'mon guys I did the simple stuff - Yes I can ping the server, etc. I didn't know if something had happened over the last few months that they would continue to assign work but not accept i back.
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    HELP Can't send for a month!!

    I restarted the client with the -send flag and it still refused. /edit - wouldn't even upload one completed yesterday.
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    HELP Can't send for a month!!

    Due to surgery then getting back to work I've been kinda ignoring my Linux box which had been crunching along fine up till September and it seems that I've 9 WU built up on each instance. I tried a -send all to clear and all I get is "can't connect to server". ( Any...
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    Q6600 prices creeping down?

    Fry's has it for $180. What's the folding community's thoughts on how fast this will fall? I see them introducing the Core 2 Quad Q8200 for a $203 soon, do you think that I could find another Q6600 for say $150 by September?
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    gnewbury hits 2 million!

    Haven't gotten around here lately, but I did it on my birthday.
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    New 2665 WU's

    I agree, I've got several computers that I fold on until the warranty runs out before I'm sure they are stable and I'll give them to my family :) Would not want to pass out an unstable computer.
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    OUCH! Boxed Q6600 May Deals!

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    ***The Official "Post good deals for the [H]orde" thread***

    linky And NOW fry's B&M $179.99 for Q6600 & ECS G31T-M Motherboard (B&M ONLY - 1 DAY ONLY) ***HOT!*** note - when I searched on deals this thread did not show up,
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    where the heck is the deals thread?/24 port switch $11

    And NOW fry's B&M $179.99 for Q6600 & ECS G31T-M Motherboard (B&M ONLY - 1 DAY ONLY) ***HOT!*** linky
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    Q9450 folding preliminary results just dropped the price to $180. EVEN sweeter.
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    How Many Boxen Do You Have?

    I'm surprised no one has complained about the poll being about "boxen". I'm buying (for work) quad processor, quad core servers. I just wish I could burn them in for the warranty period :) That's 16 fast cores in 1 boxen. I've got at home an AMD 2500+ that's 1 slow core in 1 boxen. Which...
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    Dual VM (Linux SMP) on a Linux Host

    On my Kubuntu box if I kill 1 Fold the other does not die. Dual SMP's no VM.
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    How do you fund your fold?

    Not to hijack this fun thread - But does anyone run THEIR machines at HOME to earn legitimate money, and thus allow them to qualify for a tax writeoff? For instance - do a CPU intensive render job for $500 and writeoff a quad core machine for $400.