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    Hard disk Encryption

    Thats pretty slick. Hows pricing, if you don't mind saying?
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    Hard disk Encryption

    Truecrypt really isn't tailored for that kind of deployment. They did just release 6.1 though which adds token support and custom bootloaders. :)
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    Need Anti-Virus suggestions Less than ten posts below yours and on practically every page of this subforum since the dawn of time. In case that link is too much trouble: Norton is shit. Nod32 and Kaspersky are the two best paid solutions. Avira AntiVir is the best free...
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    x86 Router Software - Help!

    All Untangle needs is a low horsepower P4 with ~512mb of ram. Thats not all that much to ask for considering everything it does.
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    security question - how to secure laptops for when they are out of the office?

    Sure, it should be, assuming that the proper infastructure is available. However, since hes dealing with Sonicwall and worrying about av updates when not connected to the lan, it isn't a huge leap to think that there is no vpn or central file repository in place. Disk Encryption is the best...
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    security question - how to secure laptops for when they are out of the office?

    Really, I think you aren't addressing one of the key issues here. Laptop theft. Its not as uncommon as you may think. You really need to look into some proper precautions rather than worrying about av definitions that might be a day old. Check out TrueCrypt and other software like it and...
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    Managing Windows PCs from Linux?

    I use Radmin which emulates perfectly under wine. You might want to look at one of LogMeIn's paid flavors for remote support. Pretty sure they have linux support on the client side now. Depends on your budget obviously, however.
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Hey martin, mind throwing up the link to the wallpaper? Thanks.
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    passwords on flashdrive

    For some reason I think hes more concerned with keeping others from going through his stuff in the event it is stolen vs protecting top secret documents. Don't get me wrong, TrueCrypt is awesome. But, this is the wrong application for it. Tying the device to only machines which you have...
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    passwords on flashdrive

    Everyone here realizes Truecrypt cannot be ran on machines that you do not have administrative access to, right? Meaning for a thumb drive Truecrypt is worthless.
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    passwords on flashdrive

    As in? Do you wish to manage your passwords for various services? You'll want KeePass. If you want to password protect the contents of the drive, your best bet is just a simple password protected .rar courtesy of WinRAR Unplugged. Even something as simple as this would take your federal agency...
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    Networking rant.

    And how often do you walk into a client and see a 3-5 year old E Machines that doubles as the secretary's desktop chugging away? Every one specs the best around here but few implement it. Sadly, even fewer take the middle ground and run with a reasonable system.
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    Disadvantage of Windows Firewall?

    Also, if you are going to use a software firewall, do use a decent one. Zonealarm and Norton products are practically legendary for being shit. Comodo is still my personal favorite, although I feel that it is largely unnecessary these days. Eset's Smart Security Suite is supposed to be quite...
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    Lan but no Wan access

    You want to disable access to the internet? Is this for all machines or just a specific few?
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    Building custom UTM appliance, need hardware recommendations

    If you are emailing them back with more questions, find out some more detailed specs, most importantly the manufacturer of the onboard nics. The box isn't much good if it doesn't play well with untangle.