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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch In August

    I love the "I didnt have a problem, so there is no problem" mentality.
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    The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi

    Fake as hell. As someone who does CGI, I can spot it really easy.
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    Intel Haswell-E Core i7-5960X CPU & X99 Chipset @ [H]

    Is the 2011-v3 a dead end? I'm going to be buying a new PC soon and have about $1500 to use. I'm thinking Asus Sabertooth X99 and the 5820K. I do a lot of 3D Rendering (3DS Max) so having the extra cores and cache WILL HELP. But from what I have seen, there are only 3 CPU's on the 2011-v3...
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    Internet Explorer’s Successor, Project Spartan, Is Called Microsoft Edge

    If you like music, stay away from Edge. It cant multi-task. I have 8 cores and 8GB of RAM, but Edge fails to play Pandora if its minimized. Windows 95 could multi-task better then this shit. Also, if its loading a slow page, you cant do ANYTHING till its done loading. This is a HUGE step...
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    Italian Eyewear Maker Luxottica Working on New Version of Google Glass

    Maybe this time it will do more then just make you look like a glasshole.
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    Apple Watch Sells Out Almost Instantly

    Scalpers I'm sure will lock up a bunch of these and try to sell them on 3rd party markets for insane markups. Good luck with that!
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    Descent Underground Kickstarter

    It looks like shit. I have seen better ship models come from kids using macaroni and Elmers glue. Then add to that the pure focus on multi-player and micro-transactions? Pass.
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    I Quit: What Really Goes on at Apple

    Sounds a LOT like when I worked at Microsoft. I spent more time in meetings then I did doing any work. We had a daily "scrum" meeting, then 2-3 weekly meetings to talk about the scrum's. Then we had a monthly department wide meeting that we would have a meeting to prepare for. Then we had a...
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    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Released

    Looks like shit. PS2 level of graphics? Really?
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    Windows 10 Delivers Updates Using Peer-To-Peer Technology

    So far I have seen NOTHING but whining about this feature. Lots of un-educated people see this as a way for people to "sneak" viruses into the P2P upload. Thats not how things work. Also they complain that Microsoft should have enough money to host the updates properly. Again, thats not how...
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    Uber Drivers Are Quietly Rating & Blacklisting Passengers

    Good. They can walk, call a Yellow Cap, call a friend, buy a car, rent a car, you name it. Its not like Uber is the only way to get from point A to point B and is an essential service that would cause people great harm without. If they blacklist people that don't deserve it, they are turning...
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    Uber Drivers Are Quietly Rating & Blacklisting Passengers

    I worked as a shuttle driver for over a year when I was desperate for a job. I wish I had something like this! Thankfully were I worked (Microsoft campus) 99% of the passengers were really good and nice! Every now and then you would get someone that would just treat you like dirt, smell...
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    Man Caught Smuggling 94 iPhones Into China

    I hope someone found the 6 Plus he kiestered.
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    Microsoft Releases More Diversity Stats, And They Aren’t Pretty

    As someone who worked at MS for 5 years, yes, it is a sausage factory, but generally thats because #1, its who applies for the jobs and #2, its who is qualified. No worries though, since MS is trying to make it up by employing nothing but contractors from India and then shipping them out...
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    Dumbest. Scalper. Ever

    Just tell us your also a tele-marketer, so you can become the most hated man in the world. Scalpers interrupt supply, create demand, and then charge ludicrous money for a hard to get ticket that's only hard to get because scalpers purchased them all. Die in a fire.