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    Google Announces A Patent Purchase Promotion

    They provide nearly everything for free, so long as you don't mind some advertizing that exists anyway. You can pay a reasonable fee for upgraded service and special privileges. They are certainly spying on you, but they make it fairly transparent and give you opt-out methods for the most...
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    When Video Game Trolling Is A Good Thing

    yea that was meant to go along with the post; not at the post... the positive of trolling, if nothing else, is to teach someone, who doesn't know any better, a valuable real life lesson, that you should not rely on the kindness of humanity for your own happiness; you will forever be unhappy...
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    When Video Game Trolling Is A Good Thing

    how sad and puny your existence must be if the internet upsets you so much.The guy is enjoying himself on the internet; good on him. If you are not enjoying yourself on the internet, its very easy to exit the internet, or go anywhere else on the internet. The world is what you make it.
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    I'm Afraid To Die In Games

    "The internet told me that I would learn something, but I didn't... WTF internet?!" and... who's fault is this....???
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    Home Exchange 2007 server port 25 blocked

    *some* ISPs will not delegate a reverse PTR to a residential address, but not all. Its up to the individual ISP. The original statement was that you cannot/should not *ever* run a mail server from a residential IP, but that isnt true; its just up to your particular ISP, whether or not they...
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    Firewalls, Servers, and Ports?

    lol yes its called onboarding just about any new client with <200 users. Is there an existing domain? if yes, then DNS should be on the Domain Controler. The DC will need 53 TCP/UDP open. Is there a local email server? port 25 to the mail server is needed Is it Exchange on premises...
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    Home Exchange 2007 server port 25 blocked

    This. As long as your ISP makes it possible to use port 25, all public IP addresses are otherwise equal to any other. Being inside a 'residential' block of IPs does not get you an auto-blacklist... only if your server or network is misbehaving or misconfigured, which is your own...
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    Fortinet vs Watchguard WiFi

    Watchguard's more advanced firewall features require you to be intimately familiar with them. This problem just sounds like lack of familiarity... you just have to make your own proxy policy set for your own particular traffic needs. Yes, its more work than less, and if you have never done it...
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    Bing Will Predict the Entire NCAA Tournament Bracket

    If they wanted to do something actually impressive, they would predict the bracket in private, encrypt it, distribute it publicly, and then after the game was played in real life, they would distribute the encryption keys so that we could determine how close the prediction was. Distributing...
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    The British Army Is Allegedly Training a Group of 'Facebook Warriors'

    state-sanctioned and funded... trolling? has no one told them that the internet is serious business?? next up: some guy in Russia scripts a bot that outperforms these 1,500 people by 9000%...
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    Does The Internet Really Make Dumb People Dumber?

    no, it just allows some dumb people to get by without either becoming smarter or perishing...:confused:
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    Without Drugs, What's The Point of Bitcoin?

    yea, it seems that no one in here actually knows how bitcoin works.... Yes, each transaction in the block chain is unique and readily and permanently traceable; which is by design. You have to have some proof that the coin I sent you is an actual bitcoin, and not just a number I made up...
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    No More Man-Eating Snakes, Fake Sharks on the Discovery Channel

    what?! you mean to say that didnt learn anything from watching a 450LB, 70-IQ hillbilly feed her 5 year old child 10,000 calories a day and enter her in beauty pageants? oh I'm sorry, I thought this was Amurica...
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    IT Workers Of The World Unite!

    Its faux news.... If they had their wish, all non whites would be in jail, the DoD would have 95% of the US budget, we would build a 50 foot high fence around the entire country and then all the whites could play baseball and eat apple pie, just like in their dreams. meanwhile, the rest of the...
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    Comcast Sued For Turning Home Wi-Fi Routers Into Public Hotspots

    This is actually causing real world problems at some of my clients... Comcast is claiming that they cannot disable the wifi built in, and our spectrum is already so congested that adding 4 more beacons (one public, one private, in each 2.4 and 5ghz spctrum) at the location caused other WiFi...