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    Amazon 8TB WD Elements External HD $124.99
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    Huh? Why would you need TRIM for a spinning disk.
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    AMD FX-8350 via NewEgg (eBay) - $58.99 w FS

    God no. People need to stop buying that crap. Get a Ryzen 2200G if you must.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    Technically yes but not in real life. USB has a lot of overhead and is not as efficient as a real storage protocol like SATA.
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    "Aquaman" Will Cross $1 Billion at Worldwide Box Office

    They predict they're going to make 1 billion? I don't think so.
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    Metacritic: Xbox One Didn't Have a Single Positively Reviewed Exclusive in 2018

    That is so stupid considering that most games actually run better on the XboxOneX, like Red Dead Redemption 2.
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    An Analysis of the Z390 Socket Proves the Extra Pins Aren't Necessary

    I would like to see this test for a few years.
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    RTX 2080 Ti GPUs Go Missing at AIBs

    Lets put more nVidia conspiracy articles up on HardOCP.
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    High Refresh Rate G-Sync Question

    It's is not marketing BS. I would not have gotten the Alienware if it wasn't able to do 120Hz and only 100Hz. Right now I wish it can do 144Hz because sometimes I get above 120fps in some games and have to limit the frames to 118 so it doesn't go above 120fps.
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    High Refresh Rate G-Sync Question

    Vertical Alignment has better contrast than IPS. Both IPS and VA have their flaws, it's just what flaws you don't mind.
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    High Refresh Rate G-Sync Question

    Oh for sure. I have a 2080 and the Alienware 3440x1440 G-Sync display. SOOO Sweet. I get 100+ frames all the time.
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    Bethesda Launcher Won't Uninstall Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.

    FPS have been locked to 63 FPS now so they "fixed" the speed hack.
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    WOW! 55" Display with 120Hz / 1440p with excellent latency. nVidia and FreeSync

    Yes it does. The higher the the refresh rate, the lower the input lag. It correlates.
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    How cold is too cold for server?

    I wouldn't go below 60F.