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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    Hey Chr, VERY nice and clean. I like it very much!
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    Old School Clear Case - my first custom case

    ...all the old folks reach for that cookie... myself included.
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    My Super Clean Water Cooled Machine *PICS*

    Very nice and clean. I like.
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    Modded PC-V2000B modded for Zalman CNSP-7700

    mr.dearthian needs to install a Sarcasm detector. By the way, you really need to clean up your wiring.
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    I wasn't referring to the pic's of setups. I think that's why we're all here. It was the "I have more shit than you" dicussions that seem to start. All I was saying was STFU and show the pics. All good...
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    Why do people get into this whole "Look at me I have way more stuff than you!!" e-p*nis discussion? It's beyond me why people would want to brag about how much crap they were given, or bought. Grow the f00k up already.
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    Stresstest has clearly raised the bar... :) Nice job!
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    2004 Post Your Workstation

    So DaMoDo... why aren't you're 1st and 3rd monitors active? Here's a pic of my triple. I'm using NEC 19" panels. I've had them for a while, and I LOVE them!
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    Post pics of LCD screens in your case!

    I've just got one of those weeee little ones. I would like to get one of the larger ones later.