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  • Hi Doc,

    Resolved the BIOS update - EZ Flash 2 wouldn't work but the Asus Updater did. Updated to 1401 for now. Woohoo! Thanks for the good thoughts about raja - I'll keep him in mind for future issues.


    Glad to hear you finalllllly get to enjoy your new PC. Puzzled about the inability to upgrade the bios though. Have you tried a different flash drive? Try shooting a PM to the Asus rep on the mobo forums here (think his name is "raja". He might have some insight.

    Just a quick note to say "Thanks!" Bought an R3E, RAM and I7-930 from you in August. I have slowly collected all of the pieces for a build around the combo. The last piece came in this Friday so I spent the weekend multi-tasking between NFL Wild Card Playoffs and construction. 15 components and only 3 were purchased new (I'm very cheap and very patient!) and would you believe it, the only component that had a problem was a newly purchased Corsair SATA III 180GB SSD! Your Mobo, chip and RAM (and coolers) worked perfectly. Best numbers I've ever had in my own machine. Thanks again!

    BTW- tried to BIOS from 602. Tried every version on the website and every one of them came up with "Boot block...invalid" It works as is so I'll live but if you have any thoughts (tried it from FAT32 flash as well as NTFS HD), please pass them on.


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