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    Conroe Core laptops

    Ummm... they appeared about the 30th of Aug. I've got one ordered already. Just waiting for Dell to get the thing built and sent out. Estimated delivery date is the 20th. Obviously there are some shortages at this point due to the fact they were basically just released. BTW: the...
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    Dell 10 Days of Deals

    You guys do know that Conroe and Meram(sp?) will be out in like two weeks. This is just a stock liquidation sale for all of the to-be old inventory. EVERYTHING I have heard about the new chips blows all current chips out of the water... I think the NDA is lifted this weekend.
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    DVi or HDMI to RGB cable?

    What's the model of your TV?
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    Very interesting quesiton for u guys

    Other than being rather childish about the password thing. . . you should be able to find out what the router's IP is by checking your default gateway. Go to a command prompt and type in ipconfig(in Windows) ifconfig (in linux). It should then display your current IP configuration. The...
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    FoxPro v2.5 + "allt()"

    Hello all, I have been tasked with converting an old FoxPro v2.5 program to Java. Having ZERO exposure to FoxPro up until now, I have to get a handle on the very basics first. For anyone who has seen FoxPro before, what does the "allt([STRING_VALUE])" actually do? I can't seem to find...
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    HTPC Networking

    I'm not too sure on which format Sage records in (MPEG2 ?) but if it is a somewhat standard format you would be able to at least play them through a modded xbox using SMB shares through X-Box Media Center. Google it for more info. X-Boxen are going to be getting pretty cheap here in the next...
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    Xbox and other quality signals -> 2005FPW questions

    Sure it would have to strech it but streching a native 480i signal to 1680X1050 gets alot more distorted than a 1024~X768~ (720p) native signal. Reason being is two fold, first you already have more data to work with with the higher res. Secondly you don't have to strech it quite as far to...
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    Solution for those expensive cables. (Component, Composite)

    Hey everyone, I don't know if you have heard about this or not but Kevin Rose from the old Screen Savers on Tech TV has spun off and started his own show called Systm ( On the latest show he has a broadcast engineer walk through the steps of making your own high quality...
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    Lots of Q's (HE,Cable,etc)

    To answer the question about using the same line, you will need to get a splitter for that one cable into two. The first will go into your cable-modem the second into your video capture card. The thing to remember is that ever splitter you have in between the source and destination will...
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    zip zoom fly

    ZZF is a reputable retailer. I have ordered various things from there and haven't had problems with any of them. For future reference, you may want to check You can query any store and it will come back with a rating. Of course be friendly and add a review for...
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    Chistmas Gift = Cheaper by the dozen (Happy Snowman)

    Ha, Oriental Trading Co. . . That place is right down the street from where I live. I had a few friends who used to work there too. They said they used to see all sorts of wierd shit come through there.
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    Is this legit?

    Just look at that URL: It screams, "This is not legit!" But . . . why don't you try it out and let us know if Mr. Strapps is full of shit or not.
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    Q's for those of you using xbox for HTPC

    It cost me about $65 for the chip when I got mine. As for solderless, at the time I got my chip, there was not a solderless option. My xbox was the v1.6. There may be a solderless solution for that version by now though. I then dropped about $50 on the 120 gig HD. As for the controller...
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    Chipotle Soul-stice burrito BOGO 6/21

    :eek: mental note made . . .
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    Refurb: Biostar IDEQ-200P SFF Nforce3 150 loaded barebone 108 shipped (hurry!)

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