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    ITT: Identify that panel type

    A while back, I was looking at random LCDs I had with a 100x microscope. I know what some of these are, but some seem odd, and I can't find similar panels on Google images. Anyone know? Sony PSP Go Motorola Droid X I'm pretty sure they're both TN (from the viewing angles), but...
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    TFT Technology Breakdown and Model/Panel Index

    Samsung 244T -- Looking at mine under a microscope, it does not have separate "A" and "B" subpixels like my Sony Bravia TV. (which allows half the sub-pixel to be turned off while displaying a dim area) From what I've read, this means the panel is PVA, rather than S-PVA. (though when I bought...
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    Does ATI not do forced AA/AF?

    ANY combination of settings in CCC simply fails to work for me. I downloaded ATT and it worked for a while. Now it stopped working, and AA/AF are always not working as usual. I really regret buying ATI. I could have had decent framerates with things looking ugly with my old NVidia card...
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    Does ATI not do forced AA/AF?

    Recently, I upgraded from a GeForce 6800GT to a Radeon x1950 Pro. While the card is much faster, none of the "forced" AA/AF settings are working in older games (tried: Planetside, EverQuest, Vampire Bloodlines, Deus Ex 2). I've even created Catalyst Control Center profiles with AA/AF and bound...
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    Identifying phantom app popup?

    It definately seems to be HP printer driver related. If I kill all the HP processes/services, it doesn't happen. Turning off autoupdate and messing with the options in the drivers does not seem to have an effect.
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    Identifying phantom app popup?

    I have some phantom app popping up in my taskbar on my home XP Pro box about every 30 mins (haven't timed it). Shows as a console icon and a blank title. None of the logging or auditing features in XP seem to be able to capture it. (yes, I run virus scanners and spyware detectors, and don't use...
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    Must See Video # 4 - Oblivion Chuck Norris Style!

    A clear forgery, the imposter can be seen running at the end of the video, Chuck Norris never runs.
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    Hot Sony DSC-T7

    I have a sony T7, the picture quality is excellent. The drawback is it has a small lens, and needs more light / longer exposure than most cameras. And a further drawback is it's very small and the flash is also small. Anyway, picture quality is great, but I'd recommend getting the new...
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    XP: Config 192.168.*.*->LAN, all others -> wireless?

    I appreciate the concern guys but don't worry, this isn't a risk to my job (I already talked to the sysadmin, who didn't care, but wouldn't help me either, he's pretty busy), and I'm not about to start using IE to browse the web or download birthdaycard.exe.vbs from my email either. Main thing...
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    XP: Config 192.168.*.*->LAN, all others -> wireless?

    I just got moved to a new office and the wired internet connection is rate-limited so browsing, email, news, IM etc is now a bad thing (tm). However there are several public access points and I have a wireless network card. Can I specify that all local (192.168.*.*) traffic gets sent to the...
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    Freeform collapsible tree editor?

    I'm looking for a freeform collapsible tree editor, sort of like the bullet points in Word, only with the ability to expand/collapse the tree structure as you can do with Windows Explorer. Anyone know of anything like this? Thanks.
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    Video gamers better at driving and cell phone talking?

    I'm they do. And young people drive better than a senile 90 year old who can't remember their children's names. But it doesn't matter. Driving laws fall to the lowest common denominator, and do not reflect individual skill.
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    Germany wants to COMPLETLY ban Violent video games

    Wait, hold people responsible for their actions instead of blaming inanimate objects? That's crazy talk!
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    Germany wants to COMPLETLY ban Violent video games

    Man seriously, what's up with Germany? They went from being one of the most powerful nations in the world to a country lesser than France with 40% unemployment. I don't know if it's a case of every German with balls getting killed off in WW2, or just some sort of continued societal guilt over...
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    Official Call Of Duty 2 Pwns Thread

    Wow, another creative WW2 game where you play an Ally landing on the beaches of Normandy. NO WEI.