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    AMD Unveils Radeon R7 Series Gaming SSDs

    OCZ can't even sell anything under their own brand anymore.
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    Robotic Suit Gives Shipyard Workers Super Strength

    I'd always be afraid the suit would go haywire and start snapping my bones like toothpicks.
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    Hotel Fines $500 For Every Bad Review Posted Online

    This would never work. All you'd have to do is file a chargeback and it would end up costing them even more money, and if that happens enough their payment processor would dump them. Things like this are why I usually use cash at a hotel.
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    Can We Publicly Confess to Online Piracy Crimes?

    They still need something corroborating even if he "confesses". People say they did things they didn't do all the time. He could just be an attention whore. Likely he is. Also I wouldn't be surprised if his claim that he's going to see it in theaters is BS. Most of the time people do not pay...
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    Dear Piracy Apologists: Downloading Unreleased Films Is Not Cool

    Article # 128,384 on the subject that will no doubt convince no one of the error of their way. The real miracle is finding anything worth Torrenting.
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    HGST Announces 12Gb/s Ultrastar SAS SSDs

    I hope these are under $200, because I want 10.
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    Police Seizing Drivers' Phones After All Crashes

    What if your phone has a password? They beat that out of you?
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    GTX 780 OC 6GB vs. R9 290X 4GB Overclocked at 4K @ [H]

    Thanks for keeping it [H]. I see all this whining from children about how "no one games at 4K yet!". The article needs to come out before you're in the market for a 4K screen, not afterward.
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    Hacker Made $1,000 A Day from Stolen LoL Accounts

    If you managed to get your bitcoin "seized" you're an idiot. Put your wallet on a microSD and hide it.
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    Custom Desk

    Aside from the Jap tools that's pretty nice.
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    Comcast Admits Rep Was Doing “What We Trained Him To Do”

    So he thought he was Jesus? Their bottom line was the only thing they were trying to save. If they didn't suck so bad they wouldn't have to waste money paying for that position.
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    Facebook Officially Owns Oculus Now

    This still makes no sense to me.
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    Seagate Rolls Out 8TB 'Customer Development' HDDs

    4TB HDs are what, 5 years old now? My guess is these drives end up costing 4X the price of 2x 4TB drives.
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    Pirate Bay Traffic has Doubled Post-ISP Blocks

    What are people downloading? I haven't thought of a single movie worth downloading in over a year. I go to Redbox and flip through the first few pages and walk away. I've done that for six months.