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    WMC Remotes

    I've been using a HP RC6 media center remote. While it's not a learning remote it is very simple to use and has a good button layout...
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    Figuring out which task/service is locking my machine out

    Security Event Logs; Event ID 4740
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    watchOS 3.1 Battery Life Improvement

    Upgraded on Tuesday and yes, huge improvement.
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    27" Monitor Suggestions- Internet, General Use, Very Little Gaming

    I've been eyeing an Acer H277H. IPS display, bezel-less somewhat, and cheap.
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    Teracopy....glitchy but a god send....

    The latest version of Robocopy supports threads and is very reliable.
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    Xeon gaming?

    This is the exact reason I went with a Xeon for my build. The additional 2MB of L3 helps too.
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    Next advice on WHS v1 Upgrade path

    If you don't want to go the UnRaid Debian route you could always try out Snapraid on Windows.
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    SnapRAID help...

    Snapraids drive pooling feature sucks but that's not really what the program was made to do. If you want one large drive consider Drivebender or Drivepool. Both have this feature at the expense of disk space due to mirroring of your data.
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    Unifi UAP Pro slow speeds

    Does it say Full Duplex under the Uplink details in the controller software for that AP? Are you running TKIP for WPA2?
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    Unifi UAP Pro slow speeds

    Is half duplex set on the switch port the UAP is connected to?
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    Recommend me a good dyndns service

    A good free option is
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    HTPC MCE upgrade

    An i5 would be overkill for a HTPC if you are not gaming. Go with the cheaper option, i3 or Celeron. To give you an idea, I've got a Celeron G540; it allows me to record 3 shows from a HDHomerun Prime while watching a previously recorded show.
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    Mad Catz® amBX™ Gaming Lights for PC $29.99

    I was an early adopter for only to find out that it doesn't work under WMC.
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    Small client server migration

    Add more drives. The best thing you can do is split up the SQL database files and Exchange Mailbox database so that they live on their own arrays. This will alleviate the disk IO contention.