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    Ark Survival 20 bucks on humble store!

    I have over 1000 hrs in this. If you like Survival that is not constant KOS, you may get a decent bang for your buck with this. It is in very active development, and there are not a lot of wipes on the official servers.
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    Dell Outlet Refurbs: U3014 $656, U2713HM $418 +tax

    Actual frame rates above 60Hz
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    Newegg BF Deals Live!

    The vertex 4 512 seems like a good deal. Am I alone in thinking this?
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    Sandisk Extreme 240GB - $145 AC

    If I am reading Newegg's email correctly, this deal ends tonight at midnight Pacific (Saturday night 11:59).
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    FS: Harmony One Remote, NIB / Sealed, $130 shipped US48.

    References: Ebay: Heat: Details: - I am selling one Logitech Harmony One remote for $130 shipped via USPS Priority to US48. - The remote is new...
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    FS: 2x Core i7 920 d0 CPUs - $115 ea firm shipped US48

    References: Ebay: Heat: Details: - I am selling two Core i7 920 d0 CPUs for $115 ea, firm, including shipping via USPS Priority flat rate. - CPU...
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    FS: Corsair K90, $70+shipping.

    This Corsair K90 is 100% operational. There are no defects of any kind. Includes the wrist rest. It was used for 6 weeks and has been sitting on my shelf ever since. - Will ship USPS, UPS, or FedEx, as desired. - I ship immediately, often within 2 hours, always within 24 hours. - No box, no...