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    Trying to settle on a 24'' around $ the 2408 that laggy?

    it sounds like the 30" could be a good option, as others have said. no color intensive work? no consoles? don't need inputs outside your PC? go for it. i'd say the value proposition of the refurb 3007WFP-HC gives it the edge over a new 24" -- if all else is equal. otherwise i agree on the HP 24".
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    operating system missing -or- misadventures in partitioning

    i was attempting to partition my hard drive so i could install the w7 beta and try it out. i am using vista HP 32 bit. the file partitioning program built in wouldn't allow me access to this functionality, giving the error "Logical Disk Manager Access Is Denied" or something to that effect. so i...
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    Dell Outlet - 3007WFP-HC for $749

    i'll mention that i too bought one of these at the $675 price point. it arrived within 3 days of being shipped, in excellent condition. i can't tell it's refurbished at all. no scratches or anything. no dead pixels that i have found, either. truly the best bargain on a 30".
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    Best 30 inch lcd

    guys, how bad is S-IPS? the dell 3007WFP-HC is on sale at the outlet for like $676 after tax and 15% outlet discount coupon. this is too good a price to pass up. but considering the doublesight 30" is also "on sale" for $780 after 20% live cashback and has the newer H-IPS panel (but no VESA...
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    doublesight 30" owners

    hello, this monitor seems like an excellent purchase. it's got the newer IPS panel that doesn't have the rainbow effect and better back light uniformity (as compared to say the dell 3007WFP-HC). i think it also may be normal gamut but i don't recall, so if anybody knows and could interject an...
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    BenQ FP241VW vs Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP

    i owned the benq for a week or two. for $450 it is a good buy, get it from their online store while you can. it is more suitable for gaming than the dell because of the dell's input lag.
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    Official BenQ FP241W Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    i've decided to return mine. sent it back today. really a great panel...overall a good monitor. and for the price it is hard to beat! but i want to try a 30", and with black friday coming up, i think the 30"s will be very attractive when it comes to price. i would say this screen is a great...
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    Best 24 inch LCD monitor for under $500?

    i guess you want a *VA. refurb dell 2408 and benq FP241VW would be obvious contenders. there might be some others but for the most part you'll have to spend more than that to get away from TN for the 24-27" screens.
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    Official BenQ FP241VW (not FP241W) Thread. Reviews and Pics

    mine arrived today. great shipping speed -- like 3 days from the time i placed the order. been playing with it for an hour or two now -- i must say i like it. OSD has a good amount of controls and the frame is metal, which somewhat mitigates its bizarre appearance. screen itself is great...
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    1680 vs 1920

    well the GTX280 is plenty strong for 2560, so maybe you'd have to lower some settings every now and then but the experience would still be very good. otherwise i ordered an FP241VW just tonight -- a very well regarded 24" MVA from benq. priced to move, too, at $450 right now after discounts...
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    Looking to get a new 24" or 26" monitor primarily for Gaming

    well add me to the list, gents. i just purchased an FP241VW. despite the stand being the worst looking thing in the industry i decided i would try it out before the discounts timed out on the 15th. can't wait to try it out.
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    Looking to get a new 24" or 26" monitor primarily for Gaming

    the coupon for the benq works now. or it did a few hours ago when i tried it. honestly i would pay $100 more for this monitor to have a normal stand. the frame is seriously a deal breaker for me. i think. i have to think about it some more because it's coming down to: Benq, 1 or 2 cheap TNs...
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    BenQ FP241VW ~my review/thoughts

    yes i was using that code - it does not work. thankyou10 still works, but freeship10 also does not. maybe it's a stacking thing...i.e. freeship10 only works once you already applied FP241VW50. if i could get those working i would probably buy this thing since the lag is supposed to be lower...
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    BenQ FP241VW ~my review/thoughts

    looks good - 2 questions. 1. can the panel be removed from that "frame"? or if you mount it to a VESA arm will the whole apparatus be suspended? 2. does anybody know how to get the promo codes working for US buyers? it's supposed to be $450 shipped but the codes don't work (it says right on...
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    Dell 2709W

    to those who have used the 2709 and the 2408: does the 2709 feel less laggy? or not laggy at all? as compared to the 2408 which is noticeable?