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    S3 US specs (mostly) announced

    Im not that excited for the s3 but i moved to an area that has crappy coverage except for Us Cellular. I have 4g lte in my town also on us cell. Having paid for the evo 4g and no wimax for the last 2 years im kinda excited to get a good phone on a small network with lte. It blows all their other...
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    Sprint really this slow in the Bay Area?

    you get 1meg down? Damn here in Iowa it was 1meg when i signed up for the evo, now if i get 200k i can almost play pandora which is a lucky day.
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    Dell U2412M

    newegg has them for 299 also till the 9th. u2412m
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    Dell U2412M

    i have a u2412m, i dont see the folds. If i move it to my 1907 i dont see them either. When i move it to my p2211h monitor i see them if turn to the side. I have mine set to 10e's settings also.
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    iTunes needs to die. Immediately.

    I loaded all my library thats been working in windows for 5 years now. Itunes took songs and just moved them to one giant folder. I spent a week moving them back to the should be. All tagged right also. I installed clementine and have been just using that to play local music. I was hoping i...
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    Stand for 3x U3011 PPP

    "the double stands do support two 30" monitors stacked" got a pic of two monitors on that dbl stand?
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    ipod touch 2g repair

    So i got a ipod touch 2g from cowboom. It worked fine then day 31 the headphone stopped. I opened it up and replaced the headphone jack and did the digitizer also while it was open. Now it just clicks the screen and starts apps and closes stuff and types never stopping. Anyone have any...
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    Neverwinter Nights 2 for Mac is $0.99 @Amazon

    I bought it for my "MAC" from gamersgate. Wish i would have seen amazon though.
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    The Obligatory iPad 3 Announcement Thread

    anyone see gps mentioned? Do they all have it or just 4g ones?
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    Used iPod Touch 8GB 2nd Gen - $74.99 shipped @ Cowboom

    just posting info on the 3 i got from older deals they had like this. i got 2 for xmas that were 2nd gen 8gigs for 55 each. Both were grade 5s and had the back scratched up bad but nothing on fronts. then i got a 16gb 2nd gen for 75 about a month ago. it was a grade 4. back 16gb is almost...
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    Sprint Customers: Did your rates recently change?

    i got charged 7 bucks when i switched the wife to an EVO 4g from her other phone. It was a premium data charge on top of the now 10bucks a month for data she wasnt paying with old phone. So thats the 146-139 difference. Kinda odd but ok whatever.
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    Sprint Customers: Did your rates recently change?

    I use 100 voice, 100 sms, 1.5gb data a month. My wife because she uses it for work and is the boss uses 1100voice, 1000sms, 300megs data a month every month. Im in the boondocks with no 4g happening ever, The high school where my wife is mostly has no signal from verizon or sprint, just us...
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    Sprint Customers: Did your rates recently change?

    i would love to switch to verizon but 89voice+30sms+60 data just doesnt fly with me. my sprint bill went up then down 146 to 139 this month. Im still looking into whats different. We moved to an area that isnt even on sprints coverage map and i have no bars in the house without the airvana...
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    1 Sale A Day 1/20/12 HTC EVO View 32GB Tablet $230

    locked to sprint ie cdma ie no sim, not a umts device. bought one for my wife's schools raffle. someones going to enjoy it i hope.