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    21:9 Monitor over 29"?

    Having owned Eyefinity and Surround setups, I really miss the ultra widescreen format. However, there are so many drawbacks (stuttering, tearing, sync issues) that it's hard to recommend them for fast paced gaming. It's impossible to go back from 120Hz Lightboost. I really want a 21:9...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Me too. The price/performance is just not cutting it for an upgrade. 680 at release = £450. 780 available today = £550. That's almost 25% price hike for 30-35% performance increase....
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    Camelot Unchained - New MMO Kickstarter Project

    Agreed. It's worth supporting to see what they will come up with anyway. DAoC came out of a tiny team making a niche game so I was willing to give them some cash, although I'm not overly optimistic. I went for the 110 dollars option.
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    Camelot Unchained - New MMO Kickstarter Project

    Warhammer Online was terrible. So much so that I lost all faith in Mark Jacobs. I loved DAoC. Looking into the details of Matt Firor's project, Elder Scrolls Online, he's basically making Dark Age of Camelot, but with a massive budget and well known IP. Guild Wars 2 has done its best to...
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    Interesting data on Crossfire vs SLI

    I had Crossfire Eyefinity right out of the gate and always felt there were horrible issues with smoothness that went beyond framerates. Switching to SLI was night and day. I would be very reluctant to touch Eyefinity or Crossfire again without seeing it first-hand.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Very much so!
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    Revolutionizing Fantasy MMORPG

    Ditch the contrived theme parks and go back to making ONLINE WORLDS again. MMOs started off as really great niche products and it all went downhill when WOW made a shit-ton of money. Even ignoring the online world aspect and looking at the gaming aspects of the older games they were SO much...
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    Doctors Say They Can Prevent PTSD With Tetris

    Ass whuppin = punishment Carrot on stick = reinforcement Positive reinforcement is superior to punishment in terms of changing behaviour.
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    Doctors Say They Can Prevent PTSD With Tetris

    Their interpretation of the results is worrying though. This suggests that playing games prevents you from correctly storing memories hours later. If you go and experience a day's worth of shit and then go home and play games for hours then you could be hampering your brains ability to...
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    AMD Catalyst 12.2 Are Now Available

    The Eyefinity marketing chap said this was 'coming soon' back when I bought into Eyefinity as an early adopter of a 5970.... Make good on your promises and maybe you'll lose fewer customers to other, better implemented triple-screen solutions.
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    which headphone? $100~ish ($150 max)

    Brilliant, thanks for the info.
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    which headphone? $100~ish ($150 max)

    Just out of interest, what level of headphones can a Titanium HD soundcard drive? The specs mention 330 ohms but what is a realistic max that you would use on this soundcard? Can you add an AMP between the soundcard and the headphones and still keep things like CMSS3D intact? Are there...
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    43,000+ Gamers Call For Communication From Valve

    Assuming they surprise everyone and release, I don't know, say.. tomorrow morning. Then what would all these baying fans be doing by tomorrow evening? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all the half life games but Episodes 1 and 2 were bite sized, linear, story-based games with no re-playability...
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    Apple Invents Solution To Foxconn Suicide Epidemic

    Cheap digs at Apple through 'comedy' sketches about people that killed themselves. I mean.. really? That's an all time low [H].
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    Is Old Republic the Most Expensive Video Game Ever?

    200 million dollars? How? I gave up after 20 hours of running around cut and paste corridors spraying gravel at legions of robots and indistinguishable humanoids. Apart from the voice acting and the party conversations it was one of the most boring MMOs I've played. If it wasn't Star Wars it...